Wallingford Toyota - Wallingford Toyota, Wallingford, CT - unpleasant, failed attempt to purchase Toyota Tundra

Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 13e2db3e

Company: Wallingford Toyota

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Recently I started looking for a new truck. One of my choices was a Toyota Tundra.My search took me to Wallingford Toyota located in Wallingford Conn. Please be assured I did my homework and had some inkling of what I was looking for and about how much this vehicle should cost. I was considering trading in an immaculate 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

When I visited the dealership I was met by a salesman and we toured the lot. He didn't have the truck I was looking for but had one close. He told me the package I was looking for would be about a thousand more that what the sticker was on the one sitting on the lot. According to the numbers I got off the net he was pretty close.

The usual horse trading started and he sent the used car manager out to see my trade. My trade was immaculate. Never driven in bad weather, garaged and professionally detailed yearly. The mileage was well below normal for the year.

In any event we waiter around for the manager to look at the car. When he came back in the sales person left me and went over to the tower to talk with the manager. He then came back with a paper showing the trade value for my car and along with the price of the new truck.

After reviewing the figures I told him that the deal was not acceptable there were several discrepancies in the price of the new truck and the trade in value of my vehicle. I produced print outs of the truck price along with the trade value for my vehicle. He seemed disinterested so excused myself and thanked him for his time. I asked if I could have me keys back so I could leave. They were still with the used car manager.

He left saying that he would get my keys but returned with the sales manager. After a few pleasantries the manager asked me the usual questions about what it would take to get me to buy the truck. Again I showed him the print outs for both vehicles and the suggested prices. I told him that his trade price was below wholesale and the truck was overpriced by two thousand dollars and would he please give me my keys back to I could leave.

The sales manager wouldn't take no for an answer and the conversation became somewhat heated. I asked two more times for my keys back but he paid no attention. On the fourth or fifth request I told him that if he didn't give me my keys back I was going to pick up my cell and dial 911 and tell the police that I and my car were being held against our will.

Believe it or not he ignored the request so I dialed the number. He then go the message and my keys suddenly appeared. It got a bit uglier on the way out the door but I was just happy to get out of there.

From what I gather after talking with several coworkers this is just about standard operating procedure when prospective buyers go there prepared and knowledgeable. Needless to say this dealership will never get a chance to do business with me or anyone I know. Thank You



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