AOL - Apex DVD player - model APEX AD-1600 - received 'no disc' error - upset with service regarding repair

Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 17c0c4b4

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I am a victim of Apex's low product quality and poor customer services. I bought a DVD player, APEX AD-1600 on July 26 and started to have problems on and off two weeks later. It frequently said “no disc” that indicated the problem of laser alignment. After calling the technical support of Apex to get a RA number of 928943, I mailed my player to them in the middle of September, along with a copy of the PACKING LIST which came with my DVD player when I bought it. This LIST clearly shows that I bought a AD1600 on July 26 from Blue Valley Mall. I frequently called its technical support group and tracked the status. I was told that the player crashed by UPS while returning to me after repair. I was also told that a new RA number, 9210173, was assigned to this case, and I would receive a new player. However, to my surprise, I received a lower model, AD1500, about one week later. I called its support group immediately. This time Donna answered my call and she told me if I could fax material to prove what I bought was AD1600 she would correct the mistake and mail me a AD1600. I faxed the same PACKING LIST to her. But, again to me surprise, she changed her idea and repeatedly said that her record was AD1500. I asked her if I could talk to her supervisor and she said her supervisor was going to call me back.

Now, half month has passed and I never received any phone call from either the supervisor, or Donna herself. Meanwhile my daughter also called her and she asked us to sent her the serial number of the original machine, that is totally unreasonable.

My daughter then talked to Sam Kafando, who sold us the player at Blue Valley Mall. According to Sam, his store never sold AD1500. Sam went ahead and called Donna to try to clarify the issue. Donna promised that either she or her supervisor would call back and that never ever happened. As a customer, I was deeply hurt and extremely disappointed at APEX’s service. Frankly, it was beyond my imagination that one company could treat its customer so harshly. To defend the customer's right, I decided to complain, and may even go to court to fight against them for customer abuse. Deshou

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ba024033, 2008-03-12, 08:52PM CDT

sue their arses for every cent thay have!

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