AOL - AOL - upset with customer service - SPAM continues to get through despite v 8.0 and increased efforts to stop SPAM

Posted on Sunday, November 3rd, 2002 at 12:00am CST by fd572d70

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I have repeatedly contacted their customer service department about the steady increase in SPAM getting through to no avail. AOL's newest solution with version 8.0 is for me to report the message to their community action team and choose to block the user from sending me further messages.

This is ridiculous when these SPAM mailers simply change one character in either their name or domain name and send the same messages or worse to my account. AOL should be able to block messages from reaching their members with certain key words in the subject or message. It is no secret that email is not secret and all ISPs regularly scan messages being sent across the Internet.

When I have bought this to the attention of AOL's staff, they deny being able to scan messages or having the technical ability to stop SPAM. Lately I have also contacted AOL's customer service department about being disconnected without any warning. It seems that AOL is encountering problems with itself and I lose my Internet connection without warning. AOL has not offered any compensation for any of these problems.

Their customer service representatives just say sorry there is nothing we can do or change your parental controls to block each unwanted message. This is very unsatisfactory. I am looking at alternative ISPs who may be more customer friendly and responsive to my needs. Carol


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