Goodyear Wranger AT tires from Bell Road Tire, Nashville, TN - excessive tire wear

Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 56008862

Company: Goodyear Wranger AT tires from Bell Road Tire, Nashville, TN - excessive tire wear

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RE: Goodyear Wranger AT tires from Bell Road Tire, Nashville, TN - excessive tire wear

In the winter of 2001, well after the Firestone tire recall was underway, I purchased a set of Goodyear Wrangler AT tires from Bell Road Tire Center in Nashville, TN to replace the Firestone tires that were on the Mercury Mountaineer when I bought it the year before. My tire version was not on the recall list at that time, but was added a few months later and I was reimbursed by Firestone.

About 4 months later I had the car in for service at this same dealer and was told I needed to replace my tires. I told them that I had replaced them, at their location, just a few months earlier. They told me the tires were wearing unevenly and that they were wearing out. I asked them how the tires could have worn out so quickly and they told me that I must not have rotated them regularly.

I told them rotate my tires every other oil change and I get the oil changed about every 5,000 miles. They shrugged their shoulders and refused to acknowledge that anything could be wrong with the tires and insisted that I was to blame for the tire condition. Because I don’t always get oil changes at the same location, they would not have had the records to back up my claim. I did not replace the tires and the ride got progressively rougher and rougher. I had the car in for service at a local and reputable BP service station and was told my tires were nearly worn out. I had them replaced with Cooper tires. When I spoke to the mechanic who was servicing my car he told me the tires were irregularly, but evenly worn, demonstrating that I had rotated them on schedule. He also said that the tires were heavily dry rotted. I asked him how that could happen and he said they likely contained dry rot when they were sold. The tires did not have more than 25,000 miles on them. I did not contact Bell Road Tire Center as I know they will deny anything was wrong with the tires at the time of the sale and will continue to insist that I was to blame for the condition of the tires. The service center I now use tells me they stopped carrying Goodyear tires because they had too much trouble getting Goodyear to honor their warranties and that the quality of the product had declined.

The dealer told me when I bought the tires that Goodyear tire dealers had trouble keeping tires in supply during this time due to the demand for replacement of the Firestone tires. If this was true it is quite conceivable that Goodyear pushed tires to the dealers that were in less than perfect condition.

And if Goodyear was selling tires that were in less than optimal condition at that time there should be many people who have experienced problems with their replacement tires by this time. I was not up to the fight that would have had to ensue with the Goodyear dealer over the tires, but feel that someone should be alerted to this problem and business practice. Jan Hepburn Brentwood, TN 37027


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