AOL - AOL - charged for 5 months of service in two months - still waiting to get money back

Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 7e00df79

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

AOL has charged us 5 times over the months of Sept./Oct. For services. When we E-mailed them, the response seemed simple. Something about an add-on account. I am the original user and when my system crashed, the person who put it back up used my husbands name instead of mine, so now AOL will not talk to me. I originally got hold of a Patty and she stated that we had several add on accounts and I informed her that we did not approve of any more accounts and only had the one account.

She stated that we had to call to have this removed. since I talked to her we then had 3 more charges. I have talked to someone else and again got told the same but we had to call. I then called and got told they would not talk to me and my husband had to call, but I could cancel the subscription, but got hung up on while I was waiting. My husband than called and got told that the general manager would call him back. 3 days later my husband had to call back and talked to Tommy.

We were told we would be reimbursed. One week later I got on line and Service # 354175 person name MHICarol stated that we would not be reimbursed for NSF Charges. and she immediately cut me off without further ado. Where else can we go AOL has charged us 28.10 x 5 and we only owe for 2 payments?


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