1st Class Auto Sales - 1st Class Auto Sales, Langhorne, PA - purchased 1994 Ford Probe Sept. 28, 2002 for $ 5,100 - engine broke and then transmission broke

Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by ac61be11

Company: 1st Class Auto Sales


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On September 28th we purchased Ford Probe-94 at 1st Class Auto Sales in Langhorne, PA for $5,100.00 (paid in full).

On October 5th engine broke. We contacted the dealership immediately. Since we had 30 days/1000miles warranty, the dealership replaced broken engine with the engine from the junk yard and we had to pay 80% of the price, which was $1000.00. The car also had NJ inspection sticker. In order to pass PA inspection and fix all broken parts, we had to pay $1100.00 more.

On November 2nd we learned that transmission has to be replaced also because of the crack in transmission's body. All together so far we have paid for this old car $7,200.00 and have to replace transmission now. For more than one month we cannot drive the car, most of the time it is in the shop.

All receipts can be provided.


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