1BigParty.com - won $ 40 from poker game but didn't collect money

Posted on Sunday, November 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by b273a5a9

Company: 1BigParty.com - won $ 40 from poker game but didn't collect money

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RE: 1BigParty.com - "won" $ 40 from poker game but didn't collect money

My complaint about 1BigParty.com is that they want you to use their service, but don't make it easy.

When I first saw their online banners, I signed up. Basically I wanted to play their games -- hadn't tried their search engines. Within days I "won" $40 from their poker game.

Immediately after I won, a pop-up appeared saying it would take up to 2 months to get paid. The caveat was that if they didn't pay, the player had to tell them who, what, when and why they should get paid. My problem is that I couldn't document 2 months later the EXACT date/time (I figure it's in their system) and the big word IF -- as in IF they don't pay. I've researched to try to find a "Contact Us" link -- can't find it in any of their links.

Maybe if they wanted to keep me for games/search engines, they could spell out AT THE TIME of winning, how to collect (instead of an ambiguous wait and see what happens attitude)...

IWON does somewhat of the same type of claim process, but they are specific at the get-go, and they pay. I always use IWON, but since sometime in mid-March, 2002 I NEVER use 1BigParty.com.

Thanks for listening!


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