Sears - Sears, Lafayette, Indiana unfairly not able to use check for payment

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by c1c67b40

Company: Sears

Category: Stores, Shopping

I visited a Sears (Lafayette, Ind) store on Friday November 2, 2001 and went to write a check, they ran it through there check verifying machine, it refused our check. So we called to ask why and they told me we had to high of number on our check then they said it was because of the amount of the check they it was because we wrote to many checks.

So we called and asked why this happened and they told us we fell out of there criteria. I asked what that was and was never given a straight answer. I then called Sears and they said its not there problem but ask why since they employed Equifax why they didn't see it as there problem they still don't have any answers. I called my bank and informed them of what happened and they couldn't believe what I had just told them. On Monday I called Equfax again and was told that they don't have access to my account but they sure told me what my last few checks were written for..

I just keep getting the run around with them and with Sears saying its not there problem but then whose problem is it then?? I dont know if I will ever shop at Sears again because of this kind of hassle and no one wants to help us out. And the sad thing is I know its not the first time this has happened and I dout this will be the last.. I hope this doesnt happen to you knowing you have money in the bank and they say your a high risk to bounce a check so they wont accept yours... especially since you were just there 5 days earlier..

Thank You

Mrs. D. Hancock.


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