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Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2001 at 10:01pm CST by 2f1a90a5

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Ebay's Lack of Customer Service



Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 10:01 PM To whom it may concern, I have resorted to posting a complaint here because no one from Ebay.com would address my concerns. After three attempts at contacting them, all I received was a generic letter which did not apply to my situation at all. My first bad experience with Ebay was after I was the winning bidder of an item where the seller demanded I pay a shipping charge which was over twice the actual cost of the shipping. The item listing clearly stated "winning bidder to pay actual shipping charge." When I questioned the seller about the astronimical shipping charge, she invited me to price the shipping myself. She furnished the weight, size and shipping information of the package. Upon pricing the shipping with the same carrier that she was using...I was told what the shipping price would be.

The price I was quoted was less then half of the price that the seller was demanding. When I mentioned this to the seller, she responded that she can charge any amount she wants for shipping. Upon hearing this I had no choice but to contact Ebay and ask them to investigate this sellers fraudulent activity. Well Ebay's only response was to send me a letter demanding that I pay the seller. They refused to look into the situation. I Refused to pay for the item and allow myself to be the victim of a scam. My second bad experience with Ebay was after I had won an auction where the seller demanded that I pay a handling charge which was more than the price of the item!!! The handling fee was mentioned no where in the ad. The seller demanded I pay the fee or I would be turned into Ebay as a non paying bidder. I once again took the offensive and asked Ebay to investigate the inflated charges this customer was requiring. Ebay once again refused to investigate the seller. The last straw with Ebay occurred when I won an auction and asked the seller where I should mail the money order to complete the sale, and was informed that I was only allowed to pay by Pay Pal. I explained to the seller that I had recently been the victim of an identity theft, and had been instructed by a police detective handling my case to avoid using my credit cards online until the identity theft case was straightened out. The seller replied that either I pay by Pay Pal, or she would turn me into Ebay as a non paying bidder. For the third time I contacted Ebay requesting that they help resolve the situation, and for the third straight time EBAY REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING.

Ebay recently suspended me for non payment...eventhough I had on several occasions tried to pay the seller with a money order or cashiers check, and asked them to help me resolve this situation. They in fact are preventing me from completing a couple auctions which I won. I had an excellent rating as an Ebay trading partner, I received excellent ratings from 147 ebay users, 0 nuetral ratings and only 3 negaative ratings (for the situations mentioned above). It is obvious that Ebay lacks a professional customer service oriented team. There policies apparently are only for show, since even the company refuses to abide by them. When they refuse to investigate anything three times in a row, you really begin to lose your confidence in their organization. Their policies should state that "If you are a seller on Ebay....you can charge any amount you wish....and we will back you 100%" "If you are a bidder on Ebay you are required to do whatever the seller wants....pay whatever they ask....if you dont like it...dont ask us for help" My advice to all online auction buyers is WATCH OUT!!! What happened to me on Ebay will continue to happen to many many people, until someone finally exposes what Ebay is all about! Mark Gifford


7e454399, 2008-01-31, 11:53PM CST

I agree that eBay's Customer Service is bad. They never would respond to my two e-mails to them concerning a problem. They obviously are in effect saying---"We don't care."

a9fc2b60, 2008-07-24, 09:45AM CDT

I agree that their customer service is badly lacking. There is no way to get a live person on a phone to voice a complaint and they regularly send "canned" email responses that do not address the real issue. However in your case I am wondering if the seller you purchased from did not state clearly in their listing that they take "paypal only". I have seen that in some listings. There is a place where they must list how they will receive payment and if they stated PayPal only then you should have respected that and not bid. There is also a place to look at the shipping charges before you bid. I always do that and add that to the price I am bidding. Some sellers make margin on their shipping so you have to add that to the sale price. Remember there is also the cost of packing material etc.

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