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Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 1038f82e

Company: auto repairs- Certified Tire & Service (Goodyear)

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on November 26, 2001:


RE: auto repairs- Certified Tire & Service (Goodyear)

In July, 2000, I took my car in to the local Certified Tire Service in La Habra (Harbor/Imperial Hwy) with a slight overheating & slight oil leak (I had had previous work done at Certified in Apple Valley). I was told it would be a couple days. A week later, I was told they could not find the problem; so they were sending out the computer panel to be checked. The following day I was told there was nothing wrong with the panel and they were calling in the expert from Moreno Valley to check my car.

1 hour later, they called again, telling me they had made a mistake - my computer panel was mixed up with another of the same kind and mine was indeed defective. While all this experimentation is going on, I had to rent a car to get to work. After 2 weeks with my car, I was called and told they decided that my car needed a freeze plug - it was leaking water and, when the level of water got down to a certain level, the car would over-heat. I told them I had just had a new radiator put in and had not had any water leaking when I brought the car in for their check-up.

I was told "well there is a leak now!" When I inquired what the freeze plug would cost, I was given the list of charges already incurred and the new estimated costs. I asked if that would solve the problem, and was told there was no guarantee; and if it were his car, he would not put anymore money into it; it would never run well. I said I would not put any more money into it and would pick up my car that day. I went there after work to pick up my car. I was given a bill of $595, which was put on my Goodyear credit card. As I drove away, I saw in my rear view mirror, a huge trail of water. I turned around (still in the parking lot) and went back in and asked what that water was, and was told "I told you it was leaking."

I asked what they had done to make it "gush" water, and was told they had flushed my radiator and probably "some rust came loose." I demanded they remove charges for that work from the bill and was denied. I drove off, stating this matter would be pursued legally. The car stalled 4 times on the way home (1


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