Autoone Acceptance Corporation - Auto finace - poor service, misued insurance check

Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 365825bd

Company: Autoone Acceptance Corporation

Location: DALLAS, TX, US


Category: Stores, Shopping

I believe that I have the wrong category but here it goes. My complaint is geared towards Autoone acceptance corporation. Their website is I financed my 1997 Chevy cavalier with them four years ago. I had not had a problem with them until recently. My wife filed and insurance claim on the car. She sent the check to Autone so they could sign it and send it back to us. They explained that they could not return the check to us but instead we had. I asked them if they could at least apply a portion of the check to cover the current month's payment.

Autone one agreed to that. They advised us to annotate it our request along with our power of attorney so that they could cash the check. I was shocked to find out the following month that Auto one did not apply the any of the money towards the account. After contacting them I was told by one of their reps that they had made a mistake but they would soon fix it. At this time they also offered to cover the new months payment as well. The check was over 1000 dollars by the way. The following month I received another notice that now I was two months late.

After complaining back and forth with Auto one and getting nowhere I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to which they never replied. Now I continue to have trouble with them as they prolong processing my payments. I send the payments off by mail and it takes them longer than thirty days to process them. Then they bill me for late charges. This whole fiasco started around August 10th. As of this date 15 Nov 2001 they have not processed my payment for last month which I sent out on the 16th of October nor the Payment which I sent out for Nov on 29 October 2001. Of all the other agencies I pay via snail mail Auto one is the only that takes 30 days or even longer to process payments.

Although I will now send them all payments through Western Union quick collect to assure prompt payment. I recommend anyone outthere to stay away from this lender. Autone personel have acted rude, aggressive and unprofessional. Also their standing with the better business bureau is not good because of one or more claims.



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