Bank of America - unable to get reason why a hold was placed on a certified check deposit

Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 1dc70929

Company: Bank of America - unable to get reason why a hold was placed on a certified check deposit

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# 3 for May 17, 2003 received the following on May 16, 2003:

From: Guillermo [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_27601#]

RE: Bank of America - unable to get reason why a hold was placed on a certified check deposit

Guillermo A. Casas

12151 SW 131st Avenue

Miami, Florida 33186 Bank of America Corp. Center

Attn: Kenneth Lewis

100 North Tryon St., 18th Fl.

Charlotte, NC 28255 Re: Lousy Customer Service Dear Mr. Lewis, I don’t like writing letters like this, but at the moment I have no choice. Since yesterday, I have been attempting to get a straight answer from your banking customer service group as to the reason for a hold placed on a certified check deposit made on May 9, 2003. This check was a payout I received from my 401k plan and was deposited at the Kendall Lakes Branch in Miami. As of this morning the funds are still not present in my account and checks that I have written are beginning to bounce. Since Tuesday, seven checks or electronic payments have been returned NSF by your bank, in spite of the deposit of the certified check. In addition to the embarrassment of having checks bounce, I was told that there were $210.00 worth of charges assessed to my account as a result. But it doesn’t stop there. Last night when I discovered the problem, I called your “800” customer service line. The rep I spoke to seemed to be in a hurry and generally did not appear to want to help. He put me on hold at approximately 10:05 p.m. After having waited several minutes, I called the same number from my cell phone, in order to get a supervisor while maintaining on hold on the other line. To my extreme disgust, the message stated that the call center was closed. So in essence your rep put me on hold and went home for the evening. This morning I didn’t fare much better. I called the telephone banking center and after speaking to another rep, was told that nothing could be done. He further stated that NSF fees would stand. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Further, the guy put me on hold and the line disconnected after several minutes. I opened my account with your bank because I wanted to deal with a large institution which offered many services. What I have gotten instead is a bank that seens to hold deposits indiscriminately in the hopes of generating banking fees from its customers. In spite of what the last rep told me, I am not asking you to move mountains. I simply demand:

1. My money available NOW

2. A refund of the NSF fees assessed this week, totaling $210.00

3. A letter sent to each of the recipients explaining the cause of the NSF If this proves to be “impossible” for your company to manage, then I will close my account and take my money elsewhere. I expect a response from either yourself or someone from your staff today, otherwise I will close the account tomorrow morning in the branch. I can be reached via cell phone at 786-200-3290 or if I am unavailable, I can be paged at 866-830-4157. Sincerely,

Guillermo A. Casas

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0a076c90, 2008-10-15, 06:10PM CDT

bank of america is the worst bank in the world. Horrible customer service, puts unneccssary holds on accounts. I'm taking my net worth and going elsewhere.

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