Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DSC-P51 - stopped working after 11 months - description of customer service and repair process

Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by bf790362

Company: Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DSC-P51 - stopped working after 11 months - description of customer service and repair process

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RE: Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DSC-P51 - stopped working after 11 months - description of customer service and repair process

I purchased my Sony DSC-P51 from Best Buy on 5/12/02 and it stopped working on 4/27/03, not even a year after purchase. As you can see from the letter I sent with the camera to be repair I am not happy with Sony brands, with their customer service, or with the whole repair process.

When I sent the camera in I was told that I would be called prior to the camera being repaired and it was stated in my letter below. I was never called, so I check the "repair status" on the Sony web site and it told me it would cost $139 to repair and that I needed to call an 800 number.

I called the voice activated 800 number and requested to speak with an agent as I wanted to know exactly what was wrong with the camera and specifically what parts would be replaced for this $139 charge before I gave them my credit card number over the phone. I was told by the customer service agent that they will not know which parts are going to be replaced until they repair the camera. I then asked, then how do you know they need to replace any parts and its not just a loose wire or a defective Sony part?

He said that they will not perform any work on the camera without securing a credit card number or a check is mailed. I then told him I would give him my credit card number only if they would call me and let me know specifically what parts are being replaced so I know why I am spending the $139 or 46% of the original cost of the camera. He said they could not do this because how are they going to know which parts where replaced until they completely finish repairing the camera and that the replaced parts would be included in a receipt when your camera was returned.

The entire repair process needs to be re-addressed from a customer prospective, because right now the process only benefits Sony. There should be a arbitration process or at least a person the customer could speak with so we can voice our displeasure with the Sony brand, quality, and service. As I have mentioned in my letter below, Sony's brand has been tarnished with me and many other consumers that I have read complaints for on your web site ( and I only hope that someone at Sony hears us and changes their quality and customer service process. Thank you, Scott M. Carlson Sony Service Center

14450 Myford Rd.

Irvine, Ca. 92606 File# E20636457

Work Order# W04R4334 Subject: Repair of Sony DSC-P51 Digital Camera May 8, 2003 Customer Service, My Sony DSC-P51 digital camera is no longer operational. Last week (4/27/03) the LCD screen became dark (although I could still see the function settings like resolution, photos available, etc.). I have tried to change most settings (aperture, brightness, etc.), checked your web site, and called customer service and the final recommendation was to send it in for repair. I have not even had the camera for a year and am not happy to have to spend possibly a minimum of $139 + shipping to have it repaired. I paid $300 for the camera (plus another $150 on case, batteries, and 128mb memory stick) and after spending $150 or so to have it repaired I could go buy another "brand" camera (not a Sony due to poor quality/service) for another $150 more. This is my first Sony product and since it has not even lasted a year I have lost confidence in the brand and will not purchase or recommend Sony products to my family or friends. I hope that I don't have to pay these high charges to get what I think is a nice camera fixed, as I would like to think that Sony is a company that is concerned with their customer's brand loyalty and customer referrals. Please call me with the repair costs prior to initiating any service on the camera, as I do not want to pay so much when I could just go out and possibly buy a more reliable brand. Sincerely,

Scott M. Carlson

Novato, Ca. 94949

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c5bfcfc9, 2009-11-28, 05:15PM CST

I am on my second sony cyber shot camera. The first one stopped working two days before the warranty ran out. The repair took two months to complete then it lasted eight more months and quit again. I thought maybe it was that one lemon made on a Monday morning after a long weekend. I was wrong. The second camera a DSC-W150 lasted fourteen months and it appeared to be of the same power up problem as the first one. Sony wants $70.00 to look at it and a credit card number. The repairs will be on top of this amount. Cheaper to by new, and it will not be SONY!!!

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