Jeep Cherokee - 2001 Jeep Cherokee - thermostat bad at 45,000 miles so vehicle overheated with no warning - then radiator went bad - spent $ 2,500 in repairs within 2 weeks

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2003 at 12:00am CDT by 71203d45

Product: 2001 Jeep Cherokee

Company: Jeep Cherokee

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I leased a 2001 Jeep Cherokee in 9/2000. The car has been fine and I have taken it to get all of the suggested maintenance at the dealer - changed the oil as scheduled - the works. On 4/18 I took the car to get the 45K check up.

On 4/20 the car broke down 139 miles from home. I had it towed to the dealer. After looking at it they determined that the thermostat was bad which caused the car to overheat and the gauges not to show that it was running hot (gauges had stayed right at 200).

The engine was melted and had to be replaced. Chrysler agreed to pay for parts but not labor. Well - I had to have a car and was paying $30 a day for a rental - so I had to pay $1600 for labor. It took Chrysler 5 days to get the new engine to the dealer (time that I was paying for a rental).

I picked up the car on 4/29 and it broke down again on 4/30. This time it was a bad radiator (that was probably the real root of teh problem in teh first place). All told - I have spent $2500 of my own money on the car within 2 weeks (not including $500 for the 45K check up) and I have not even had the car 3 years.

I called Chrysler to ask them to pay for the labor, car rental, tow, etc. - they were rude and basically told me that is what I get for not having the extended warranty that they now offer free of change. They know their motor was crap or they would not have been so quick to cover parts - not I am stuck with all of these changes - not to mention the hassle.

Chrysler does not want my business - in fact the service rep I spoke to told me that some customers are never satisfied. "satisfied" means that I could take it or leave it - I do not want to be satisfied - I want to be more than satisfied - I want to be able to sing the praises of companies that get a chunk of my hard earned money. Unless they come to the table - Chrysler will not get any more of my money - ever!


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