ShopNBC - poor quality jewelry purchase experiences

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Company: ShopNBC - poor quality jewelry purchase experiences

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From: Ann Myers [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_19674#]

RE: ShopNBC - poor quality jewelry purchase experiences

I've been buying jewelry from ShopNBC since early last year and my recent purchases were of such poor quality/workmanship that I had to send all of them back. I'm not talking about jewelry that cost a couple of hundred dollars.....the minimum cost of the jewelry is a couple of thousands.

How is it that a national tv station DOES NOT take the trouble to have quality control on the products that they time and again say how excellent the quality is? Has ShopNBC no shame nor guilt in sending such distasteful jewelry out to the public? I'm sure I'm not the only one receiving those shoddily-made jewelry. I can see the flaws with my naked eyes without the help of the loupe.

My complaint is : why do we have to bear the costs of the shipping & handling charges for the delivery of such poor quality/workmanship of the jewelry items? And to add insult to injury, we have to bear the costs of returning the items to them insured and that doesn't come cheap either. So far, I've spent nearly a thousand dollars just on the delivery and returns of the flawed jewelry.

I've tried talking to the customer service reps and they're no help at all. They show no sympathy nor any apathy towards my concerns.

So, all you ladies and gentlemen out there who feel the same way as I do......lets band together and change the quality/workmanship of the jewelry that we're buying from ShopNBC or at least do away with all the S & H charges both ways if they're flawed; so that we don't have to throw away our hard-earned money towards unnecessary insured postages and most important the waste of our precious time.

Ann Myers


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