1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula - have experienced many problems

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Company: 1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula - have experienced many problems

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This complaint continues to show up when you search for Motor Car Concepts, however this customer purchased a vehicle from a dealership in Illinois. We are located in FL not IL. Please correct this issue. This is my second attempt to have this corrected.


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RE: 1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula - have experienced many problems

The following letter was mailed to GM headquarters last October. Soon thereafter, i received a call from an agent of GM who informed me that GM was not going to do anything for me or my car. Since then, the transmission mount broke again, the water pump is practically ineffective and the engine overheats constantly, and the battery died again (although this was not GM's fault). The car has only 71,000 miles on it and i will be forced to sell it at a loss soon because i cant afford to fix all thats wrong with it.

All i want from GM is help in fixing the recurring problems and some of the other problems like the air conditioning and the water pump. This car is practically worthless and cars with this many miles on them are not supposed to have this many defects. Nobody is willing to buy this car from me, and dealers will give me an insulting amount for it so it is not worth it to trade this car in. Junkyards will give me more for it than they will. I feel that I've taken very good care of this car and have receipts and records to prove it. Thank you for your help.

james threatte

October 10, 2002 To Whom It May Concern: Recently I called your Customer Assistance hotline at 1800 PM CARES and talked with a representative about problems I was having with my car, a 1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula VIN 2G2FV22P9V2207322 that I purchased new from Muller Pontiac/GMC in Highland Park, Illinois on June 12, 1997. I had previously called Customer Assistance in May 2001 reporting numerous problems that I was having with the vehicle in question and was pleasantly and expediently offered services to fix some of the major mechanical problems I was having. This recent call was not handled in the same way. Before going on, I believe I should repeat the problems I am having currently. 1. Motor oil leaking from ALL OVER the engine, low oil level light on. 2. Transmission mount ruined as a result of the oil (already replaced once at my expense). 3. Air Conditioning completely discharged and not working. 4. Water pump failing. 5. Passenger window broken (second time and fixed under warranty the first time). 6. Power Antenna jammed (second time and fixed under warranty the first time). 7. Driver’s side power seat switch malfunctioning. 8. Rear seat speakers blown out. 9. Right Headlight out (fixed at my expense). 10. Steering wheel radio switch lights out (Both broken now and one was replaced already under 36,000 warranty). 11. Ashtray door broken (second time and fixed under warranty the first time). As you can imagine, driving in the LA summer heat with only one window working and no Air Conditioning is not a comfortable way to drive considering how much I have invested in this car. Your representative informed me that since some of the above mentioned problems were fixed as goodwill gestures earlier and that the car was over 60,000 miles (its actually 64,300) GM would NOT be willing to help me and that all these problems should be fixed at my expense. GM dealers fixed the oil leak problem twice already, and the problem came back, but he (I believe his name was Marselle) said that the one year, 12,000 mile warranty on that work had been exceeded.

Therefore the repairs are my responsibility. My mechanic informed me that to fix this oil leak the engine would have to be pulled from the car and he wants to reseal the WHOLE engine to prevent this from happening again. He said the labor would be very costly (over $1500) and that I may be better off just getting another car. I am writing this to ask again for some help in this matter, as I had already decided my next car would be a Chevy Corvette convertible, to be purchased in a year or so and possibly the new Cadillac convertible built off the Corvette platform a couple of years down the line, not to mention any other vehicles I happen to purchase for personal use or for my business.

I had planned for my Firebird to last at least until I am in a position to buy the Corvette. However, if this Firebird represents the kind of quality and support that GM builds its cars with, I will never buy another GM product again and recommend to my friends, relatives, associates, and customers to do the same. I would appreciate a response to this letter by the next time my oil level low light comes on. I had an oil change earlier today, and the engine is full of oil. How long that lasts is anybody’s guess.

If I do not receive a response by the next time the light comes on I will assume that GM does not stand behind its products and therefore change my mind about the company. My original case number from May 2001 was C04185203, Marselle said that it was not in his computer anymore because it was old. A complete list of all problems I have had with this car follows. 1. Intake manifold oil leak/major oil leak (this is the third time). 2. EGR valve failure. 3. AIR Pump failure. 4. Driver’s side window broken twice total. 5. Passenger side window broken twice total. 6. Oxygen sensors (twice). 7. Differential seal leaking because of defect in pinion seal. 8. Radio display malfunction. 9. Driver’s side power seat switch malfunction. 10. Water leaking into trunk. 11. Ashtray door hinge (twice). 12. Battery replaced because of corrosion to positive terminal. (The terminal actually broke off). 13. Headlight motor failure. 14. Headlight bulb out (fixed at my expense). 15. Ineffective removal of rain with windshield wipers. 16. Power antenna jam (twice). 17. Noisy rear suspension. 18. Steering wheel radio switch light out (three times). 19. Rear defroster wire broken. 20. Air Conditioning leak, discharged and does not work. 21. Water pump failing. 22. Rear seat speakers blown. 23. Transmission mount disintegrated (once already at my expense, in progress now because of oil on bottom of car). 24. Coolant flushed because of dirt and rust clogging radiator and causing overheating. As you can see this is an extensive list, with many problems recurring. If your company is to have any competitive chance in the future, you MUST repair quality and customer relations, even if you don’t help me. Signed, James P.S. Bring back the Camaro/Firebird!!! But this time, make it PRACTICAL and spend some money on marketing. A car this long overall should not devote half of its length to the hood and be classified as a subcompact with a trunk useless for anything except a subwoofer box (which is a common accessory for the demographic this car is focused on). The Holden Monaro concepts look good. P.P.S. Don’t charge more for trucking a domestic car around the U.S. than foreign manufacturers charge for shipping their cars across an ocean. I’m referring to the destination charge on the window stickers of your products.


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