ADT Home Security System - billing problems with new system

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ddd8c896

Company: ADT Home Security System - billing problems with new system

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From: Laura Daltry [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_28752#]

RE: ADT Home Security System - billing problems with new system


I had an ADT security system installed on 4/25/02. The salesman guaranteed me that I would be billed for the first time on 5/1/02 and then monthly thereafter.

I handwrote that three times on the contract and had him initial it.

But, I was billed (deduct from checking) two days later, on 4/27/02, $34.99 for 5 days in APril and May in advance, per the contract. When I phoned ADT customer service person told me rudely, "Read your contract" you get billed 2 days after installation. She informed me that the saleman works for an independent company (A Deterrent Technology) and ADT will not honor anything the salesman said or promised. Totally and intentionally misleading and deceptive to have sales with ADT all over them, shell game of responsibility. Just sleazy.

Four days later, I notice that I have been billed a SECOND TIME, for $29.99.

I call ADT customer service and get put on hold, transferred, finally get through to Steve, Customer Service in Florida, who says, "Read your contract that's billing you in advance for June." I tell him I did not agree to pay 2 months in advance, he said, read your contract.

I asked him to tell me where on the several contracts does it say 2 months in advance. He directs me to a paragraph that says nothing of the kind. Argues with me.

I tell him "That may fly with most people, but not with me. I'm a paralegal and I do contracts all day for 30 years." I ask to be connected with a manager, he says they're all busy and hangs up on me.

I call back and only after insisting, get put through to a manager, a Mrs. Poole in Customer Service. She tries to double talk me the same, "You got billed in advance for May, then on your requested billing date, 5/1/02, we billed you again for June."

I told her to either reverse it today, or I would cancel the auto deduction, put the account into dispute with Visa, and sue ADT to recover my time at $75 per hour for the sales appointment, 6 hours of installation, and per call for repeated attempts to have the written terms of my contract properly fulfilled. She said she would have it reversed.

I told her to make a notation on my account that this was my last call to complain, one more problem and I would initiate court proceedings to recover my damages.

And I will !!!


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