Arby's - Arby's restaurant, El Paso, TX - Poor service by management

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by aff5a255

Product: restaurant

Company: Arby's

Location: EL PASO, TX, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of an ongoing matter that needs attention. On several occasions I have utilized Arby's drive through. The location is UNIT 7090 on Montwood and Joe Battle in El Paso, Texas. Irma is consistently rude to me for no apparent reason other than my ordering a sandwich without mayonnaise. I do not understand why this would upset her, however she has displayed unprofessional-ism on a regular basis.

She will not say "thank you" nor will she apologize if the order is missing an item. Rarely is an item missing, however on my last visit it had. I asked her for onions, which were not included. I had to honk my horn to gain her attention as she was very short (as usual) with me and closed the window prior to my requesting Arby's sauce. I was in the middle of a sentence when she closed the window on me the first time this date. When I had to gain her attention, I politely asked her for the onions. She became angry and rolled her eyes. There was no apology; she did not ask if I needed anything else. (I was also missing napkins and a straw, which I did not ask for due to her rudeness.

These were also not included.) This incident has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I am located very close to this restaurant and would like to continue to use this Arby's. However, Irma makes this difficult and I feel that she goes somewhat out of her way to be rude to me. I am seeking resolution, therefore I am writing to you for assistance. I called (915) 849-9994; (this was the most convenient number available as it was on the receipt.)

The location I called was Arby's on Joe Battle/Montwood for information as to where to fax/mail in this letter at 1:21 pm Wednesday May 8, 2002. Irma answered. I asked for the headquarters' address, telephone or fax information. She then said, "I recognize that voice. Is it for yet ANOTHER complaint?" I then simply hung up.

This is outrageously rude and a definite insult at my own personal expense. I was mortified. I am hoping that upper management will find the time to look into this serious matter. I am a customer. I have no prior connection to this individual, nor have I ever given her any reason to dislike me. All I want

is fair, courteous customer service.

I am including the last receipt proving my visit. I am hoping that this person will refrain from being so very unprofessional and outright rude to me. I do not understand why this manager has decided to discriminate against me, solely. I have witnessed her with other customers and co-workers who received fair treatment. I, however, do not get this luxury from her. Arby's is a reputable restaurant. I have NEVER had problems with any other store prior.

In fact, I go to an alternate location often. Almost daily. The manager at this alternate location is always cheerful, helpful and the employees are always courteous. I have never had a problem at this location or any other location. I am always friendly and never rude. The only "slow down" would be my request of no mayonnaise on my sandwiches, which have never been a problem at this store or any other except this particular location on Montwood.

All that I am asking is for retraining or a re-evaluation be performed on this particular manager named Irma. I am a regular customer and have proven myself to be polite, respectful and patient. She, however, has not.


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