www.skyauction.com - trouble bidding and using auction site

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 09633752

Company: www.skyauction.com - trouble bidding and using auction site

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RE: www.skyauction.com - trouble bidding and using auction site

I believe www.skyauction.com is a scam. I have tried to bid several times, usually being the first to bid starting at $1 and yet as soon as I have initiated a bid, the bidding starts and I always get outbid. I go quite high in dollar amount and yet never have any luck.

I think there are "dummy" bidders that put the bids up in the hopes that someone will bid what they really want for the tickets, vacation or whatever.

Lucinda Peterson


063d4a4b, 2007-12-06, 02:36PM CST

I have used Skyauction for over 10 years and have gotten some great deals. There is a learning curve on how to bid and you have to be carefull with the additional chages. However it has become more difficult to find good deals on this site.

f55ef8dc, 2011-12-23, 11:33AM CST

Skyauction Twice did not deliver on an two different auctions. Recently, I "won" an auction allowing me to book a room for up to 7 nights in NYC anytime in 2012. I was again told that they did not have my chosen hotel but I can "request" one of 2 others. This company is a scam.

I now understand their BBB (Better Business Bureau) C Rating. I wish I had researched their company prior to trying to book a vacation. They have negative reviews strewn all over cyberspace and rightfully so. What an incredible waste of my time. I will go to a more reliable and honest supplier. I will do business with a company that delivers what they offer. And I will add to the negative reviews everywhere google leads me. They are the epitome of a "Bait and Switch" organization, a tactic that has been around since we began walking upright. They tire you out with their rhetorical statement citing their terms of sale. I have heard that tired old rap enough. All companies have similar terms but, Priceline, Hotwire, Quikbook and others deliver. Skyauction.com are charlatans. DO NOT USE SKYAUCTION

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