1998 Chevy Geo Metra hatchback - mold inside doors and air vents

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by f8ba9350

Company: 1998 Chevy Geo Metra hatchback - mold inside doors and air vents

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RE: 1998 Chevy Geo Metra hatchback - mold inside doors and air vents

A 1998 Geo/Chevrolet Metro Hatchback car was purchased through Chevrolet by my mother (a senior citizen). Just the perfect fit for her. Beautiful red color. Tiny. She just loved it! For awhile anyways....until we could smell a strange smell. Well, to make a long story short....the smell was MOLD. We could smell it soon after buying it. On a hot day....WOW! We took this cute car into Chevy....to be checked for mold. Where is it coming from? I asked them; even though they didn't want to: to take off the door panels.

OH MY! Green and yellow on the inside. MOLD. And the smell. Yikes! Well, we found out later....there was also mold in the air vents. Why I wonder? Was this car a flood car? My mother loves this car; Chevy gave us a lot of bull on this mold issue....after first denying it.

Of course, we took pictures. Let them deny it now. They didn't offer us much....very disappointing. They just offered to clean out the mold with Lysol. What they should have done it taken back the car and permanently fixed this defect! After being a Chevy owner all my life, and daughter of victim....I have decided to get rid of my last Chevy, on sheer disappointment with this company.

As for mom, we still have the moldy car, between sneezing and wheezing... and headaches, the problem still exists. I will soon be getting checked for an allergy to mold, since riding in this car....I have devoloped some problems....

Still wondering what to do? We really do not want to breathe in the fumes of Lysol. Then again - you can clean up the mold....then it will probably return? Thanks for listening....For any responses to this TYPE RE: METRO....email address is:



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