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Posted on Sunday, May 5th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 5780788b

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# 7 for May 4, 2002 received the following consumer follow-up message on May 14, 2002:


RE: Walter E. Smithe Furniture

My original entry on was made on May 4, 2002, regarding Walter E. Smithe Furniture in the Chicagoland area. Adding to that entry is that a "service call" was made to my house this past Saturday for a chair purchased from Walter Smithe Furniture which started squeaking four months after purchase.

When making the appointment for service, I was told that either the chair would be fixed that day in my home or removed the same day for repair. Sal, service gentleman, sat in the chair for one second and said, "Yup, it squeaks, I will file a report on it." That was it! He claimed that someone else would have to come and remove the chair, he wasn't authorized.

That means another appointment, more inconveniences and headaches for me sitting and waiting on them. In my opinion, the furniture sold by this company is inferior. One would think that paying almost $2000.00 for one chair would buy quality....NOT with this store.

The couch is being returned next week, it is also defective. I will only be refunded 80% of the purchase price. So, as of next Wednesday, I will have paid $4100.00 and have no furniture in my family room. To avoid similar problems, DO NOT SHOP AT WALTER E. SMITHE FURNITURE. received the following consumer message on May 3, 2002:


RE: Walter E. Smithe Furniture - unhappy with furniture quality and service

My complaint is about Walter E. Smithe Furniture. I purchased a couch, chair and ottoman from this company back in September. The furniture was delivered to my home in mid-November. When ordered, I paid additional for upgraded cushions for both the chair and couch.

The couch was extremely uncomfortable but I thought that maybe it just needed to be broken in-I've never had to "break-in" furniture before. It was then discovered that the upgraded cushions for the couch were not included in the original delivery. They had to be ordered and didn't arrive until Feb. 27, 2002. I was told my Sue, warranty supervisor, that if these didn't work out to call back within 14 days and either a reselection or return could be made.

I called back on day 13 to say that the couch was still unacceptable and I was met with a lot of red tape. It seems that everyone that I spoke to had a different answer to the situation. My case went in front of a committee meeting (held every Thursday) and they decided not to honor a return and refund but to only authorize a reselection.

The problem was that I didn't care for anything else in their store so I was being forced to purchase something for $2000.00 which I didn't care for. Great company policy! In time, I finally reached Phyllis, Walter E. Smithe's asst. and she spoke to him regarding this problem. He agreed to a return and refund minus 20% of the purchase price.

It made me mad to give up $400.00 to this company so I decided to reselect and put the new furniture in a room where it won't be used. Again, this failed because the committee decided that they wouldn't honor the 6% discount that I received at the time of the original purchase, for paying in cash. They told me that the only option was to keep the couch or return it and accept a refund which is 20% less than what I paid. In addition, the chair started squeaking within four months of being in my home and in now set up for a service call.

In my opinion:

Walter E. Smithe Furniture sells inferior furniture at high prices and lacks in customer service. Their commercial, states nothing but of lies. They offer lifetime warranties on their products because they are needed.

I will never purchase anything from Walter E. Smithe Furniture again and I will inform others of my experience and urge them not to make the same mistake.

Thank you,

D. Willis


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606fac53, 2007-11-09, 08:40PM CST

If you are the type of person who pays TWO THOUSAND dollars for one single chair, I'd say you have more problems than a squeaky chair. I have a four bedroom house and don't think all my furniture combined cost me two thousand dollars - and let me tell you, it is some of the most comfortable furniture I've ever used.

30332dac, 2010-07-07, 05:21PM CDT

You are absolutely correct. We have been having problems with our sofa from walter e smith ever since purchase. They have been out to my home 9 times in the last three years to fix it. Nothing done. Still has squeaky problems every time you sit down. The crooked legs finaly have been fix by the 7th visit. They refuse to refund. I thinking of taking a full page ad our in the local paper to expose their incompetence.

3371e9c9, 2012-10-18, 08:21PM CDT

Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit? I have had nothing but trouble with my $8000 sofa that was supposed to last, if you believe their advertising! Do not buy from them! They are a rip off and someone needs to take them down.

If you are interested, just repost here with an e-mail address. I will get back with you on some ideas to overcome these issues.

Thank you

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