NASCAR - 05/03/02 NASCAR allows unfair compitition by allowing 1 owner several entry

Posted on Sunday, May 5th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 7bd25ae5

Company: NASCAR

Category: Sports, Recreation

By allowing one of the Billionair's more than 1 entry per event, it's creating a monoply between 4 team owners, now their drivers assist each other in holding of potential competitors, which got Dale Earnhardt killed by the way...

if he'd been racing rather than trying to hold up other drivers from passing the cars in front of him, both of which drove for DEI,Dale Earnhardt Inc., dont get me wrong he was one of my favorites, but the races are getting rediculious when several competitors go home because they didnt have the money others had to enter every race last year, earning them a provisional that put them in the race without even having to really race against the clock around the track...

Break these teams up, do away with provisional...go back to racing as it should be...oh did I mention 2 of the Team owner billioinairs ,Roger Penske and Ed Rensi, are on the NASCAR Board of Directors, which make these unfair decisions that benefit their pockets, this is not just racing anymore its a multi-million dollar business..

and how about this if one of the other teams build somthing good they come offer more money and steel it from other teams, like Richard Childress owner of the car Dale Earnhardt drove, taking a champion from the BGN series from another team owner who couldnt offer as much giving him two champion drivers, when is the goverment going to see this for what it is, organized crime.


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