2 French Riviera Spa locations in Mempis -- bad service, dirty facilities

Posted on Saturday, May 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by dd44c285

Company: 2 French Riviera Spa locations in Mempis -- bad service, dirty facilities

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RE: 2 French Riviera Spa locations in Mempis -- bad service, dirty facilities

Since signing a contract to become a member at the above fitness center in Memphis (which is a bad mistake, avoid signing contracts if you can), I have gotten nothing but rotten service. I used to go to the Raleigh-LaGrange location because it was the closest branch where I live. I stopped going

because of the poor quality of the machines, some were rusty, others had dried sweat on it. The padding on some machines were busted open. I would then seek someone on staff for help or to point out problems but noone would be around.

I then decided to travel a little further to the Popular location only to experience the same thing. Nonchalant staff members who sit behind the counter all day long when they are supposed to be walking the floor helping customers. I mentioned that there was poor air circulation in some areas of the gym at least twice and they never fixed the problem, only making excuses.

I finally talked to the manager at this location about the air problem as well as other problems including AGAIN, sweaty, dirty machines, the number of machines with problems that needed attention, availability of staff members on the floor, etc. All he would do is cut me off and give me excuses with a nonchalant attitude. He even had the nerve to tell me to "go somewhere else" if I didn't like the service!!!

It's not like I can just cancel my membership with them, I am in a contract until next year and if I am going to be paying them every month, I EXPECT quality service and a concerned staff when I have a complaint, and these were legitimate complaints. This company is well off, so there is no reason their facilities should remain sub par. I am so disgusted, these people are so apathetic it isn't funny!! Needless to say, people should be wary before signing a contract when joining a fitness center. Make sure the facility offers quality, friendly service and quality equipment before you sign. P.S. Another problem I had a while back was switching payment plans each month. I started out paying by credit card (which was indicated in the contract) but wanted to switch to payments by mail to be more convenient. I am now paying an extra $5 service fee a month when I switched to payments by mail. I don't think that is right. The person whom I talked with said it was because I initially had payments coming from my credit card and if I switch, I would be charged more. To tell you the truth, I don't know if they can do

that or not. Oh, if you want to contact them, you may do so at the corporate location at rivierafitness.com Thank you for letting me speak my mind.


391fd331, 2009-01-12, 08:18AM CST

people should stop being cheap and hire a personal trainer im sure they have them on staff, people always want something for nothing

0d7d2533, 2010-06-10, 09:46AM CDT

The Poplar/Highland location is pitiful. When you walk in, the people behind the counter act as if you have disturbed their naps. They just don't care. If you complain about something, they just brush it off. It is really quire pathetic. Avoid this place if you possibly can.

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