BAILEY'S POWERHOUSE GYM - BAILEY'S POWERHOUSE GYMS of Jacksonville, FL - cancellation trouble

Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 8051992b



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My complaint is against BAILEY'S POWERHOUSE GYMS of Jacksonville, Fl. They not only insulted me but, in my opinion, proceded to rip me off. Having recently retired, on December 9, 1997 I signed a 1 yr. contract with this gym They REQUIRED a monthly debit from my bank account, which I signed (I will never do that again, as it is an invitation to be robbed). I was given a regular old-fashioned key and was told that this would enable me to enter the facility whenever I wanted. The first time I attempted to use the facility (2 days after signing up), the key would not open the door. It was a cold and rainy day and there was no one in the office to assist me. I realized that if I had this much trouble on the first day that this was not the facility I needed.

Since I was within the 3 day cancellation period, I immediately went home and typed up a letter canceling my membership. I, along with a friend, went to Bailey's and I personally gave the letter to the person at the desk (who happened to have been the man that signed me up)and returned the key that I had been given. He took me outside to try the key and it worked for him. He proceeded to sarcastically tell me that I needed to "GET A LIFE".

Despite his rudeness, I left the letter and key, with the understanding that my membership had been cancelled. Four years later, I find out that BAILEY'S GYMS has been debiting my account for $26.75 a month! I, of course, first tried to resolve this with BAILEY'S GYM, to no avail. During my complaint to the Better

Business Bureau, I was advised by "Mike" at BAILEY'S GYMS that they have not used an old-fashioned key since early 1998.

Since early 1998, members were given a card key for entry ( yet, I had returned the old fashioned key when I canceled my membership AND BAILEY'S GYM HAD NEVER SENT ME A NEW CARD KEY NOR NOTIFIED ME THAT I NEEDED SUCH A KEY TO USE THE FACILITIES!). I had never attempted to use their facility, since I thought my membership had been canceled; but even if I had thought I was a member, I couldn't have used the facility because they had never provided me a key! Needless to say, I feel that BAILEY'S GYM has robbed me.


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