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Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: - trouble using calling cards - trouble with customer service

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From: Sangeeta Agarwal [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66589#] RE: - trouble using calling cards - trouble with customer service


We bought two phone cards from this website to make calls to India. We tried to make a call, after long trying, the call went through. But, got diconnected after a few seconds. We called the customer service number that came with the card. She said, nothing is charged and thus we have all the minutes. We were happy that it's really very customer oriented company.

WE tried again and same thing happend. So, we tried calling again. Adn this time, the message said that we have only 24 minutes left on the card. The original minutes were 29. So, we called customer service again adn he said nothing can be done about it. I asked for the refund for boht the cards as they were from the same company.

He said I need to call the for that. I called there(there is no toll free number, so I had to make a domestic long distance phone call). She said I need to send an email. Nothing can be done over the phone. I sent an email, reply came back saying I need to call Custoemr service with the card. I replied back saying I did that. Reply came back there si nothing wrong with the card, redial. So, i explained to them that it was getting disconnected and thus I don't want to use it again.

I want my money back or give me my original minutes on the card. They said it cannot be done. BTW, in between, they didn't reply for several days. And thus, I called them again. She again, said nothing can be done over the phone and sked to call on Friday. MEanwhile, I got the reply saying the same thing. I kept telling them I need my money back or all the minutes back on the card, but they kept saying redail the number, there is nothing wrong with the card or call the customer service number with teh card.

Finally, they said they can not refund the money nor can they give me my minutes back. And more interesting thing, they have a limit of some 300 alphabets to write to them on their website, and thus you really cannot explain everything that you want to in one go. I think it's their trick to buy time for themselves so that your card gets keep charging some kind of maintenance fee.

All this took about more than a week. Now, we buy the phone cards is so that it's cheaper to make calls to India. But, with no fault of ours and withoug having a chance to talk to our family in India, I was penalized, for what??? For using their card and trying to save some money for myself??? I finally asked their manager's number. they sent me the customer service number. I told them I am not calling that number because I had alreayd done that and I am going to lodge complaints against them wherever I can.

Very disturbed..

A very much unsatisfied customer on 'un'


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919565e7, 2008-08-15, 01:20AM CDT

i wish i had seen this before charging a card in their website. i am being cheated too!

f6b861d6, 2008-08-20, 01:09PM CDT

I have been using Reliablecom for many years. I think they offer the best prices around.

fbe0e209, 2008-10-19, 06:29AM CDT

All the above bastards! Who will giv u such a good deal! The above people are like, they fish if any one urinates. They will find the fishes in the urine. Idiots! agree that even after 20% service fee, you will be getting more. Stupids! Better don't buy the cards from reliable better search for fishes if any one urinate.

9e8c398b, 2001-12-31, 08:15PM CST

i too face the same problems from very bad customer support,bad quality to calls, we will not get the minutes promised on the website.lot of hidden costs.

1.9 per min is all fake, there are lot hidden costs in that.

I kindly suggest all of you not to purchase calling cards from this website.i need to proceed legally to get my money back from this company

121cc0c9, 2011-11-28, 05:03PM CST

THEY NEVER REFUND your money!!!

I have purchased some plan on August 14th. Due to some reasons I have cancelled the order immediately, on the same day.

But they did not do the refund. When asked they said they have lost my bank details and asked me to do another purchase. I did as they said. But till now, even after calling them 10 times , I have never received my refund back.

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