DSL Service - speed averages only 100 kbs - poor customer service

Posted on Saturday, May 25th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: DSL Service - speed averages only 100 kbs - poor customer service

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From: Stu Tanquist [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66645#] RE: DSL Service - speed averages only 100 kbs - poor customer service

When ordering Earthlink DSL service, I was guaranteed a speed of 384 and was told I could return the product at any time. The actual speed averaged 100 and worked intermittently. After 45 minutes on phone, tech rep Ronda said she would escalate problem. I was cut off, and Ronda did not feel obligated to call me back. I later called Earthlink but they had no way of identifying Ronda - they have "many tech reps in many locations." So I started over from the top with tech rep Dan. He determined that my DirectTV was probably the conflicting problem (I cannot cancel my DirectTV contract). Dan said he would escalate the issue, but his "tools" were down. He said he would e-mail me when the report was sent. Dan didn't escalate the

problem and I did not receive an e-mail. Because tech support was so unresponsive and unhelpful, I packed up my DSL equipment and called Earthlink requesting a return. I was transferred to several people who firmly said I needed to hook everything back up again or pay a $150 penalty. I repeatedly said I was done being mistreated by tech support and just wanted to return the equipment. I finally talked with Customer Service Supervisor Mike 800-876-3151 x79000 and explained my concerns. He could find no record of my conversation with Ronda (Dan's notes were there) and repeatedly touted their phone logs which indicated my unwillingness to unpack everything and start over again. Mike was unwilling to compromise. The $150 penalty is discussed in a document that was included with the equipment. By opening the equipment, I am prohibited from sending it back without penalty (a catch-22). Because I was never told about the penalty and did not sign anything, I am no under contract with Earthlink.

Additionally, Earthlink is guilty of breach of contract. I was promised a minimum speed of 384 and got 100 with a sporadic connection. I made a reasonable effort to resolve the problem and wasted a half day of my time in the process. Two tech reps were unable/unwilling to help. Therefore I dispute the $150 penalty. Stu Tanquist


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