1999 Nissan Altima - airbags did not deploy in 40 MPH frontal collision

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 49c3bc47

Company: 1999 Nissan Altima - airbags did not deploy in 40 MPH frontal collision

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RE: 1999 Nissan Altima - airbags did not deploy in 40 MPH frontal collision

I had a frontal collision impact at 40-45 mph. Most sites advise air bags should deploy around 18mph.

My airbags did not.

Nissan Consumer Affairs came a took the airbags for investigation. After being ignored when we called to see what they found out - we finally get a letter stating that if you brake before you have a collision, the air bags aren't suppose to deploy. Huh?

I hit at 40-45 mph and because I was using the brake the air bag won't work? Do I have to just hit someone full force for them to deploy? Its kinda funny I've seen several accidents at much lower speeds and the

air bags popped on those vehicles. I guess Nissan's airbags don't work like everybody elses!!!!



5753b4db, 2008-01-20, 07:43AM CST

I have had this same thing happen. I have a 2007 Nissan Altima that I hit someone in front of me and then someone hit me from behind. The airbags did not deploy and I was probably going about 20 to 25 mph. I am glad they didn't because it may have injured me more but I find out that some computer damage is the cause of all of this. It got damaged upon impact. This makes me wonder if it had been a much worse accident, of course the computer is going to get damaged, so the air bags will not deploy if this happens??? The more I read about this car, the less I want it. This is ridiculous. Not to mention it has been in the shop for a month and because of this stupid computer I am not sure when or if I will ever get it back. Seems kind of stupid to put the computer somewhere in the vehicle where it is easily damaged and nothing works. I feel like I have been ripped off.

ed9d78c3, 2009-12-22, 10:32PM CST

I hit someone going about 15 mph and the airbags (both of them) went off... and the insurance company totalled the car because they are so freaking expensive to repair. My nonexistent passenger was not injured, and since my seat was all the way back, my airbag simply blew crap in my face.....I now have ghetto dash until I can find unblown ones to replace them with so it at least "looks" normal.

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