AOL - AOL Time Warner Broadband Installation - poor experience - did not decide to get service

Posted on Monday, May 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 2664caca

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I feel it necessary to register a complaint. After months of reading your Broadband product advertisements, I finally decided to have it installed. I discussed the installation at length with you customer service representative that called me to confirm my order. I also told this person that I was not a Warner Cable customer. He told me that 98% of your Broadband installations are not "custom" installations. I discussed specifics of my installation with this individual, and he assured me not to worry. Today when your installation technician showed up, within 1 minute I was told that this would be a "custom" installation at $30 per hour, unless I was willing to have 3 wire penetrations in my house and have the wire run up the front of my house. Wow, that would have looked real professional. Based on this deception, I decided not to have the Broadband installed. In my opinion, this is a very unethical business practice, and now I'm inclined to obtain a different internet provider. My guess is that it is a common AOL Time Warner practice to hit people up for "custom" installations if the customer does not have Warner Cable. I would like to point out that a few years ago I switched my cable provider from Warner Cable to Ameritech. Ameritech came in and completely re-wired the house including cable outlets in 3 of the 4 upstairs bedrooms. They provided 2 installation technicians and they did not have an additional charge for a "custom" installation. It should be noted that the Broadband installation would have been very similar, except my computer is in the 4th upstairs bedroom. Thanks for lying to me and for wasting my time today waiting for this installation.


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