Sony Style - Sony VAIO laptop purchase from Sony Style, NY, NY in 1999 - could not collect Sony rebate offer

Posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by ecab6ad6

Product: Sony VAIO laptop

Company: Sony Style

Location: NY, NY

Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased a Sony VAIO laptop in late 1999 and wanted to take up their offer of a $100 rebate and 5,000 frequent flyer miles on an airline of my choice. I have been trying to claim my rebates ever since and have got nowhere. I registered the laptop and then emailed and faxed their rebate service center in Jan 2000. I eventually got a reply in Feb 2000 saying that there was no record of my name in their system. They invited me to check their rebate web site daily so that I could see when my name was recorded in their system. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor or manager and was told that Sony only provided email replies, but that my business was sincerely appreciated and that my feedback about their company was valued. I kept asking if my name was recorded and if not how I could go about getting it recorded. Eventually, in April 2000, I was told to send them all my details again, along with proof of purchase etc. I obtained all the necessary details, including a letter from the sales manager of the store that sold me the laptop (Matthew Shenker from Sony Style, Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022), and again sent everything by mail and fax. I again asked regularly for updates on the status, and then in May 2000 I received an email reply saying that their email service "no longer supports Sony rebate programs". I was invited to call a toll free number or visit a new website. The number was unobtainable and the web site equally useless. I had all but given up my quest until the laptop needed servicing recently. I returned to the store and spoke to the sales manager to ask him for his assistance in the repairs and getting the rebate. He directed me to their service area and gave me a phone number to call to get help on the rebate. I asked if he could waive the repair fees as a gesture but apparently the service department is a different company and he was unable to do so. I asked if he could personally handle the rebate process as I had got nowhere but he said he would be powerless to influence the outcome. I called the number he gave me, and was given a new number to call. That number turned out to be an automated service. I followed through all their directions and was given another number before the service hung up on me. I called the new number, which was again an automated service, at the end of which I was given a different number, but was warned before I called it that I would be charged $1.99 per minute that I was on the phone to them. I then called Matthew Shenker (sales manager at Sony Style) and left him a voicemail asking again for his personal assistance. I also emailed him at the address on his business card, and faxed him all the email correspondence I had in my possession to bring him up to date. His email address turned out to be incorrect - the postmaster at Sony USA returned my email as 'undeliverable'; his fax number didn't work and I am still waiting on a reply to my voicemail. I think I'm going to throw in the towel now.


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