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Posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by e1c11726

Company: D.O.C Eyeworld

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I purchased glasses from D.O.C Eyeworld on May 3, 2002. I was told that the second pair of glasses I purchase could be done possibly in 60 minutes or less. After being in their store with my family member for almost 2 hours waiting for the labs tech to come back to find out when I can get my glasses. When they finally came back they said I would have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to receive my glasses. Come Tuesday they still weren't in.

Finally Thursday I receive a call to pick up my glasses. I rush all the way over to Polaris Fashion Place after work and come to find out that the lenses were scratched really badly. After the manager noticed they were scratched she told one of the lab techs. And he replied that he was gone for the day. At that time I asked for a refund and the manager said she couldn't give me a refund because she didn't have enough cash on hand and to wait until she calls me tomorrow. By then I had been in their store twice already trying to get these glasses.

The next day she told me she had the lenses and to come in and pick up my glasses that day. When I went to pick up the glasses the same scratched up lenses were in the glasses. I pointed this out to the lab manager. That is when he said it would take him 2 hours to change the lenses and would I wait

around? At that time I asked for a refund because that ended up being my third trip at this point and I still hadn't had glasses I had paid for.

The next day I left several messages with D.O.C head quarters and no one seemed to be returning my calls or answering my emails. Finally I reached Gloria Castle the Customer Service Manager for D.O.C headquarters. She explains to me that she thinks that everything was a misunderstanding and

said that she would make sure that they would have my glasses ready for me if I decide to change my mind and go ahead and get the glasses. She promised me that she would follow through with everything after speaking with her through out the day.

I told her I would purchase the glasses if they could have it ready about time I get off from work. Gloria Castle told me everything was fine and to pick up the glasses at 6:00 PM. I received a call at 5:30 PM from the assistant manager telling me to come in at 7:00 PM because when they finished the glasses they found out the lenses once again were defective and sent the lab tech to another location to pick up my lenses once again. I agreed to come at 7:00 PM to pick up my glasses because I had to pick up my first pair of glasses that was order through my insurance. On my way to the D.O.C Eyeworld I received another call from the store manager that once again my second pair of glasses would not be there because the lab tech on his way to pick up my lenses was pulled over by the police and impounded the car. The store manager told me that the lab manager couldn't get my lenses either because it was his car that the other lab tech was driving. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was already in the parking lot of the mall. I had already paid for the second pair and they couldn't tell me when I would have those glasses.

The next day I told them I didn't want the glasses because I had so many problems with getting those glasses. I called the Headquarters the next day because it was the headquarters (Gloria Castle) that told me to go back over there and pick up those glasses knowing that it was my fourth or fifth time being there.

I left several messages at the head quarters concerning this situation. I spoke with a Cindy in customer service, Cheryl Maxwell in Human Resources and Gloria Castle Manager of Customer Service. Everyone's lack of concern infuriated me. I asked could I have another frame since I had so many problems with the glasses I ordered and they had the nerve to tell me I will have to pay the difference for another frame. They have not tried to accommodate me in any way. I feel being they are the ones causing these problems they should do a better job of trying to fix the situation. All I know is that I have paid for glasses that I can never seem to receive. It should not take about three weeks to receive glasses.

The feeling I get from this company is that they think of their customers as another fast buck. They do not think in terms of repeat customers. I had requested on several occasions to speak with the district manager and they wouldn't allow me to speak with him. I asked to speak with the next person in line they kept saying that they were not available. This is one of the most unprofessional organizations I have seen in a long time.

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9704b0c5, 2008-12-31, 07:29PM CST

I agree with you 100% percent.Back in 2007,I purchased a pair of glasses from eyeword and took them back and they wanted me to purchase another pair the glasses I have in four month they broke I took them back and in 2 months they broke again.Now I had to purchase another pair but not from eyeworld.My insurance company only purchase one pair of glasses in two years.My advice to anyone purchase glasses for another optical place.

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