Cedent Mortgage - forclosure situation - property taxes, which were paid by owner Donald E. Armstrong - Cedent Mortgage - forclosure situation - property taxes, which were paid by owner

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Company: Cedent Mortgage - forclosure situation - property taxes, which were paid by owner Donald E. Armstrong

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RE: Cedent Mortgage - forclosure situation - property taxes, which were paid by owner Donald E. Armstrong

The following is an approximate outline of what has happened to me over the past two years. I am sending this to you in hopes that someone somewhere will read it, understand it and care enough about it to be able to help. It is lengthy, and the dates are approximate as my lawyer has all of the original documents pertaining to the case. At this point I do not know where to turn for help. I am hoping that someone that reads this will be able to offer that to me. Thank you for your time in reading this.

In February 1998 I bought a condo in Lowell through Crossland Mortgage. At the end of 1998 the mortgage was sold to Chase Mortgage. In October of 1999 I refinanced with Cendant Mortgage. One month after refinancing closing, Cendant called to say that I had a tax lien against my property. They wanted me to send them approximately two thousand dollars to pay the lien. I told them that this was impossible because my taxes were paid with my mortgage, and how could I possibly have closed if there was a tax lien on my property?

Cendant then said I paid no taxes for the last quarter of 1999 and all of 2000. Though I had all of my cancelled checks showing that I indeed paid my mortgage and therefore my taxes on time every month, Cendant insisted that my taxes were not paid. I then received a new payment package showing my mortgage went from 851.62 per month to 1400.00. Cendant told me that they paid the tax lien and I was to pay it back in twelve installments. They also made a mistake in trying to make me pay double my taxes quarterly. I did straighten that part out and they fixed that error. They now wanted a mortgage payment of 1044.00. I knew there was a problem and taking time off from work I made a few trips to City Hall. The tax office verified that I did have a lien, and that it was paid off by Cendant Mortgage. A woman in the tax office that day was willing to look up a few things for me. My address is 24-1 Rockingham Street unit 8. Her

records showed double payments being made to 24-1 Rockingham Street unit 1.

She pointed out to me that all properties have a parcel I.D. number for tax purposes. She showed me my number and also that of unit 1. The number in my closing papers was that of unit one. Now I decided to go back to the closing lawyer, Frank DiMaria in Tyngsboro. They took all of the papers I had from me and told me they would look them over within three to four days. Four weeks later I went to get the papers back because they had not yet had the time to look at them. Some time later I recieved a call from the receptionist at DiMarias office saying that she looked through the papers and saw the problem but no one in the office wants to admit the mistake. Back at city hall I was told that my taxes did get paid, they got their money and that`s all they cared about. I called CHase MOrtgage and the woman i spoke to said from what she saw in front of her I paid taxes on two seperate parcel I.D. numbers. She told me to send a letter to her office n Utah and told me what i needed to request from them, (check numbers, amounts, parcel i.d.`s, and payment dates.). Of

course I recieved what I already had--containing none of the above. Throughout this time I have continued to pay my regular payments of 851.62 in mortgage, sometimes throwing in a little more. Not long after, I saw my name in the Lowell Sun for a foreclosure and realized that now I had to get a lawyer. I went to see Maurice Mason whom I had worked with before and explained the situation. He understood, and said 'okay, we'll get this fixed. Don't worry , you won't lose your house.' At about this time Cendant stopped taking my payments, but I kept sending them anyway. The foreclosure was scheduled for mid February. Still, I was told not to worry, everything was under control and going according to plan. On the Friday before the foreclosure Mr. Mason called saying he was worried

and needed to see me. At our meeting he told me that he wasn't getting anywhere with Cendant or their lawyers and the only way to stop foreclosure was to file bankruptcy. This was becoming a circus. This was a very difficult thing for me to accept as I had worked very hard to establish and maintain good credit. I had no choice at this point. I could lose my home, thus putting my seven year old son Jamie, his mom Lisa, her fourteen year old daughter Jenna, our six year old god child Pietra and all of our pets on the street.......or lose my credit. The choice was easy. Here we are today, almost three years later, countless money and time lost from work, phone bills and major stress headaches, many sleepless nights, anger and frustration taken out on my family, strange people knocking on my door, letters from people wanting to buy my house, public humility and the embarrassment in front of my neighbors and friends...and guess what...I lost my house. At 10:30 May 10th my boss, Joe Nolet came to see me and said," Don, you have to get home NOW. Lisa just called. They are selling your house at this moment."

By the time I got home it was over. Thank goodness I was not here for the actual sale, because I cannot imagine how I would have handled it. I am only sorry Lisa had to sit on the front steps in front of all of the bidders and most of our neighbors and deal with this on her own. Hysterically. I do not own my home anymore. I cannot fathom that. My credit is long gone If I had come home fifteen minutes earlier I have no doubt I would be in jail. Monday, May 13th I have the honor and privilege of losing yet another day of work to appear in bankruptcy court in Worcester. I have never been a believer in bashing THE SYSTEM. Right now I don't even think there IS a system, it appears more like people just do what they have to to cover their own backs. In the meantime, we are to be left out in the cold. I would like to take this time to thank my closing lawyer, Frank DiMaria of Tyngsboro, Chase Mortgage, Cendant Mortgage, Crossland Mortgage and Lowell City Hall for putting me in this nightmarish situation. My only hope is that perhaps one of you has an apartment I can squeeze my family into. In closing I would like to again thank all of the above listed people for ruining what I have worked so hard to give to my family. Sincerely, Donald Armstrong Lowell, Ma. 01852


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