1998 Honda Prelude - not happy about having to pay to get code to unlock the stereo following power loss

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 5979dd16

Company: 1998 Honda Prelude - not happy about having to pay to get code to unlock the stereo following power loss

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RE: 1998 Honda Prelude - not happy about having to pay to get code to unlock the stereo following power loss

I recently took my car to a have a new battery put in and new tires, fairly routine maintenance on a 4 year old car - that wasn't cheap. When power is disconnected from my car, the anti-theft system on the factory installed stereo kicks in. This causes me to not be able to use my stereo unless I have a five digit code given at the time the car was purchased new.

I have owned this car for over 2 years, but did not buy it new. I have no earthly idea how to contact the people I bought the car from and frankly I don't think I should have to. I contacted the dealer that the car was purchased from and the girl took my VIN number and pulled the file on my car.

She then told me that they did not have the code on file, and that I would have to bring my car in and pay $70.00 for them to pull the stereo out and get the serial number in order to get the code from the manufacturer. I then asked her if I removed the stereo myself, if I could just call her with the serial number and she said yes. One problem, it is probably going to be more trouble than it's worth when I don't know exactly what I'm doing and I could damage the stereo.

Well, I live almost 2 hours from this dealer, so I called a Honda dealer closer to me. They told me that they charge $50.00 to pull the stereo and get the code, and that if I didn't want to pay for it, then maybe I should have the people that changed my battery pay for it. I then called the 1 800 number for Honda and talked to someone in customer service and told her my situation. She said that it was to protect me, so that if someone stole my car they would not be able to call and get the code.

I offered to take my car in and show my I.D. and proof of ownership, she then told me that their policy is that it is up to the dealers whether or not they wanted to charge for it and there was nothing she could do for me. I'm having a hard time understanding how this is for my protection. If someone steals my car, they probably know how to remove a stereo from a dash. In which case, they can apparently call the dealer and give them the serial number and get the code, so I don't really see the point. I think Honda should make some new policies to include one that is convenient to their customers. Maybe they should realize that a lot of people buy cars used from individuals and we don't always think about things like that. I feel like I should not have to pay someone to get this code. I own this car and this stereo, they have the code to make it work and I think they should give it to me. I feel like I should be able to take my car to a Honda dealer and show proof of ownership and get my code. I have owned three cars in my lifetime, two were Hondas. When someone in a customer service department tells me that something is just policy and that there is nothing she can do for me, it certainly makes me think twice about purchasing another $25,000.00 automobile from that manufacturer. I will be getting my stereo fixed tomorrow. The place that changed my battery is going to pull the stereo and we will call the manufacturer and get the code. I feel like anyone who owns a Honda, especially a used Honda, should know about this, maybe you can save yourself some time, trouble, and money. Thank you, Joanna Ferguson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma please e-mail this to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66726# and I am mailing a copy to Honda's Main Customer Service Department.


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