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Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by eaa9ac93

Company: AOL

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As a snowbird who spends the winters south; before leaving we cancelled our AOL service. At the time of cancellation we were told the cancellation was effective immediately and that we were okay as it was prior to billing date. So, we merrily left for the Southland. AOL bills to our credit card so when we attempted to use our card at the end of our trip, we embarrassingly discovered the card was suspended.

Why? Well, AOL kept billing us and because we were not expecting any billing on this specific credit card and did not get our mail because we were not in one place long enough to receive mail, we became in arrears. This resulted in the Credit Card company reporting us to the Credit Bureau as a bad debt, risk and therefore ruining our A-1 credit rating.

Upon returning home, I phoned AOL, explained the circumstances to them and requested a letter of apology so that I can clear my name with the credit company as well as the Credit Bureau. I was advised, and I quote word for word "we do not apologize for any errors". Excuse me!!!!!! I said - my credit rating is very important to me. Anyway, they credited my credit card for the overbilling, but refused to clear up my rating. After much discussion, I finally got them to concede that if I sent in a written request for an apology indicating that I was not delinquent, they would give me this letter of apology.

Wrong!! A couple of days ago, I received a letter [unsigned and undated] from Member Services backtracking by hiding behind their Terms of Service - a way of wiggling out of admission that they had neglected to act upon my cancellation request. They advised me that I had 90 days in which to settle any dispute. Not possible when someone is away for longer than that.

In the meantime, I want everyone to be aware that if you are cancelling your account with AOL to also be sure that you advise your credit card company that the account with AOL is cancelled and to refuse payment should they submit a billing.

Also, AOL when using their service it was poor. They disconnect you in the middle of something and often will not allow you to search via other vehicles other than AOL. I constantly received - "illegal operation" blurbs across my screen and lost my information because I was shut down. Since I have been off AOL and on cable this has not happened. I received a lot of spam mail and it took forever to get rid of it. Too bad, AOL just lost a customer but would not have, if only they had offered to help in clearing my credit rating. :(


Westbank, British Columbia


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