Dell computer - Dell computer - nightmare purchase experience

Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 7098a25f

Company: Dell computer

Category: Stores, Shopping

A Dell nightmare! I purchased a Dell computer to the tune of approximately $1,850.00. Immediately there were problems. Customer care was nil. They didn't know how to solve any problems and gave the impression they really didn't care. After many problems and tries with customer care, I sent a certified letter to Michael Dell (of course, I knew it wouldn't reach him personally) but thought it would get some attention.

A Dave DePasquale called me. After many phone calls and much stress on my part, I was sent labels to return the "lemon". The flat screen monitor was to be sent to Ohio and the rest of the 'thing' was returned to Austin, Tx. I was told I would receive a check within a week.

The flat screen monitor was received in Ohio on April 12, 2002 and the Texas package was received April 13, 2002. After several weeks, I again called Dell. It had been agreed by Dave DePasquale that I would receive a check if the finance department determined that my credit card had been paid. It had been paid a number of weeks before the return.

After much frustrating conversation with the incompetent customer service employees, it was determined that my credit card was credit4ed instead of sending me my money. But only for the $1,414.00 for the tower and accessories. I was told on April 25th that I would receive a check for the flat screen monitor. It is now May 14th and I still don't have the rest of my money. I have called a number of times and get very incompetent employees that I have to go through the whole thing with.

They are causing me much stress and irritation. I have told everyone I know about my experience and will continue to spread the word about the Dell treatment of customers. I am still awaiting $400 which is due me. Please help. And don't buy Dell.


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