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From: Bill Aquaviva [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_28560#]

RE: Home Builder complaint

We have had numerous problems with the building of our new house, from framing errors, to drywall errors, to duct work errors, to wrong materials ordered and installed, to the documented home plans not being followed, to our house sitting on the foundation stage for several months with no progress, all which led to a delay of nearly 7 months. During our final walkthrough inspection the day of settlement there were numerous items not finished, in need of repair, and workers in the house still working on finishing and cleaning up the house as we did our walkthrough.

Also during our final walkthrough we received aggravation and were harassed to speed up our inspection so the person walking through with us could go home and drink beer - that is literally a quote from the person. This same person also had no answers on problems identified - such as a buckled dining room wall. his reply to that was that we (the buyers) should have caught that during an earlier inspection and there was nothing that could be done now. We were also "shunned" because we hired a private home inspector to come with us during our final walkthrough.

This home inspector mentioned that the person walking through with us had no idea what he was doing when asked about certain items such as the 3-zone AC/heating unit. All correspondence between the builder's office and us was late or never replied to - we constantly had to call and follow-up for answers to our questions and concerns.

All dates for follow-up inspections (60 day and 11 month) were at least 30 days late with no apologies ever presented. Our 11-month walkthrough list was provided to the builder on 3/13/02, our 1 year date was 4/13/02, and our actual inspection was not until 5/7/02, and all items were not addressed resulting in us now waiting until 7/21/02 for the follow-up to complete our 1-year walkthrough.

This type of poor scheduling, lack of planning and detail, and lack of customer support is typical in our experience with Ridgewood. We have bent spindles on our staircases, crooked window frames in our family room, and plumbing that runs down the middle of our formal living room instead of attaching to one of the plumbing runs on either end of the house. As a result we get to hear toilet water run down our walls when entertaining in our formal living room.

We were never made aware of this plan change during construction, nor were we given the option to revise any plans to do away with this disgusting and cheap construction event. Had we been informed the plumbing would be changed we would have made changes in our house plans to eliminate this situation. The builder has refused to do anything to correct this shortcoming of design and construction, basically telling us "too bad". Also, the builder has tried to put off doing major fixes such as the crooked window frame by saying it would be a lot of work and would be messy - hoping we would just accept the poor construction and let it go. These same comments have also been made with respect to the bent spindles.

Finally, the paint crew that is used appears to be amatuers. I asked if they were professionally licensed painters and was told yes, but based on the work they have done - which is horrible - I cannot believe that is true. I would like to know how to request proof that they are professional and licensed painting contractors. There are molding seams which they have sealed up with putty, completely destroying the look of the molding. There are paint streaks all over the house and paint was spilled on our front porch and walkway concrete and they have not been able to remove it, so we are still waiting for that to be fixed as well. Sincerely,

Bill Aquaviva


3ee0d925, 2009-07-14, 07:45PM CDT

My home builder is Lennar Homes in Texas.

My baseboards are particle board which are swelling and cracking. My kitchen floor tile is coming up, air bubbles under the center tiles. The coating on my kitchen cabinets is pealing off. I emailed Lennar Homes and they said sorry my home is not under warranty any more.

1b257df8, 2009-09-28, 03:18PM CDT

Watch this video and you'll see just how bad a builder can be. Larry Craven closed his company to avoid fixing these problems. He's now President Lionsgate Homes. Buyer beware!!!!!


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