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Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 1ea79f42

Company: 1800flowers.com

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I am writing to tell you about my experience with 1800flowers.com.

I'm living in Hawaii. My husband is active duty Air Force. We are away from family a lot. It is important to me for my family back home to know I'm thinking of them and miss them during the holidays.

I decided to use 1800flowers.com to send my mom some flowers for Mother's Day. I ordered them on May 7th with a May 8th delivery date. I paid for the Sentimental Surprise for $49.99.

Not only were the flowers not delivered on time (May 8th) but, they were the wrong ones! She got them (on May 14th, two days after Mother's Day ) after I called to find out where they were. I'm wondering if the flowers would have been delievered at all if I hadn't called.

I am very disappointed and hurt that my mother didn't receive flowers on such an important day. A day that I would like to show my mom how much I love her.

Unfortunately, all 1800flowers.com could do for me was redeliver the correct ones. I'm still waiting to see if my mom will get the right ones. They refused to refund my money although they didn't deliver what they were supposed to or when they were supposed to.

I'm writing to let everyone know that on holidays, this company is too busy to deliver when they are obligated.

Thank you

Rebecca Hall


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