1999 PONTIAC Grand Am has a 3.4-V6 engine with 120,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 966f0e6f

Company: 1999 PONTIAC Grand Am has a 3.4-V6 engine with 120,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

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RE: 1999 PONTIAC Grand Am has a 3.4-V6 engine with 120,000 miles - intake manifold gasket leaking

My 1999 PONTIAC Grand Am has a 3.4-V6 engine with 120,000 miles. The intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant into the engine and out on to the engine block. This is a very labor intensive repair at an estimated cost of $550.00. To me this is not a part that "wears out" but an Engineering flaw. The dealer said they have seen "a few" with this problem. Why is the customer paying to correct a GM design flaw in a $20,000+ automobile. Several different makes of GM vehicles use this engine and I wonder just how many others have had this repair done. The part cannot be purchased because it has been on back order forever. You can’t even buy it aftermarket. Why is it that Pontiac hasn’t recalled these cars? With so many people with the same problem and waiting for the part, what can be done about this problem ? COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_28522#


41f72367, 2008-04-30, 09:50PM CDT

YES!! I agree I too have the same car 1999 grand am gt 3.4 and twice Ive had a head gasket replaced!! I am really broke after all the new parts I have replaced on this car, master cylinder, pulleys, power steering pumps, calibers, and the list goes on... after all this I had this car breakdown on me on 95 in Philadelphia and it was not pretty! The car was overheating and I too had oil in my coolant, I relaced a water pump and thermostat, and that still was not the answer. Finally I took it to my mechanic and he told me with the 145k I have on the car I might as well buy a new engine or used with low miles, or the car would not be worth the repair (head gasket) so with this said, I contacted Pontiac, and to be told that all these 1999 have the same problems overheating and leaking. tell me what anyone thinks my personal email is [email protected]

b2c4624d, 2010-06-19, 09:46PM CDT

I recently purchased a 1999 grand am gt from a used dealership/auto service facility.i traded my 88 s10 with 205,000 on it in for this car which at the time was sweet compared to what i had,well,since february 2010 when i got it i was under a 30 day dealer warranty,and had them reset my engine service light 3 times,replaced the aic on the throttlebody,and the fillerneck to the fuel tank.It ran pretty good since that fix,well once my 30 days was up i noticed my service engine soon light coming on and it was flashing because it had a skip in the way it was running,minor but enough to send signal to the rest of the car that there was a problem,well as of recently it started running like it wasnt on full power when driving.brought it to my mechanice and dropped it off,he called me later in the day says you had a bad coil,its all set, so i go pick it up,eemed to run better no light on. the very next morning after i started it i noticed it was flashing yet again,so i called him and he said he put a spare coil he had on,but i should replace wires and plugs,so he said it was a minimum of 300 to do it so he said just change the wires/plugs to start,well needless to say ,three plugs came out reasonably ok,the number one plug snapped at the head,so in order to get it out i now have to either remove the top half of the engine and bring the head to a machinist to fix it,or pay around 800 to the garage to get it fixed. Bottom line for me is its a sharp looking car and yes its quick,but way to many issues that im having since getting it and no idea how many are to follow. Definately wouldnt recommend this car for anyone thats not mechanically knowledgeable.

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