Radio Shack - DirecTV purchased at Radio Shack - false advertising / misrepresentation of a promotion

Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 0bd77d26

Product: DirecTV

Company: Radio Shack

Category: Stores, Shopping

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to inform you that I am unhappy with the false promises on my Direct TV subscription which was sold to me by Radio Shack.

The Radio Shack manager told me that I would receive a 200.00 rebate check (which was offered during the promotion) if the Direct TV subscription was made with a credit card. I told him I did not have a credit card at the time, but the manager said that I would still receive the rebate because I set up for direct billing with my checking account. I called Direct TV myself later, to see if this was true, but they said that the promotion was only offered to those who paid with a credit card.

Angrily, I went back to the manager, who told me that if I got a Visa check card, I could still get the rebate & everything would be fine. So I went to my bank (just across the street from the Radio Shack & got the card,. I took the card back to the Radio Shack manager, who took all the information on my Visa check card. He said he would contact me regarding this.

He had my home & work phone numbers, but he never got back with me, and I am upset because he told if I went out & got a Visa check card, he would make sure I received the rebate & still nothing! So Direct TV says that they are sorry that their company & it's promotion had been misrepresented.

The Radio Shack manager at the Redondo Beach store in Gardena thinks he can lie to people just to make the sale, and I am still dissastisfied. Every time I go in there, the employees act like "here she is again", so now I don't go in anymore & the manager thinks I have forgotten all about it, and it will all just go away. I felt I had to register a complaint about this. My father died last June, so I didn't feel like pursuing the matter any further back then.

All I want is the 200.00 rebate that I was promised by the manager at Radio Shack when I signed up. I have no complaint against Direct TV. Their customer service, installation, and my subscription has been excellent.


Kathleen Keegan

Gardena, CA 90247


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