Office Depot - Office Depot, Hollywood, FL - does not allow photocopies of passports since 09-11-1

Posted on Sunday, May 12th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by aa275719

Company: Office Depot


Category: Stores, Shopping

I tried to make copies of my parent's passports as they are about to travel abroad, an associate at the Hollywood, Florida store (#127) refused me access to the copier stating that Office Depot does not allow passport copies to be made as of 09/11/01.

It is not illegal to copy a passport, on the contrary it is encouraged as a security measure for U.S. citizens traveling abroad in case their passports are stolen or misplaced. I explained this to the store employee and she still refused me access to a copier.

I then went to a Kinko's and made copies with no problems. I am now boycotting Office Depot and encourage others to do the same.


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