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Company: Nokia communicator 9110

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From: jan vekemans [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_27035#]

RE: Nokia communicator 9110

Incredible but true story about a company who sells 128Million mobile phones

and ignores its real customers.

November 1999 I final took the plunge and bought, from my own money (not

company expense),what I saw as the best phone bar none, the communicator,

the 9110. I ordered the phone from a local dealer, Audiomix, who has been very

helpfull. Helas it has not been a love story : I received my phone qnd something was weird. The next day I read the ......

manual but to no avail. I went back to my dealer to complain and there we

discoverd taht something was wrong with the phone. I had to turn in my phone

and after a few weeks I got a NEW replacement phone to substitute my

defectie unit. I was a happy guy because my phone was new and Nokia was prompt, though

slow, in providing service for me. Little did I know what was

coming!!!!!!!!! To make a long story short : I have had 4 replacement units and 3 apparently; difficult repairs to my

phone since! After the first replacement this unit has worked relatively reliable for a

few months, except for a few reboots a week and a lot of cut off connections

nothing major happened in the firts 8 months of ownership. Than faith

struck!!!! My phone became completely unrelmiable with multple reboots a day and I

asked for a repair. It took 9 weeks just to get my phone back!?!?

Unfortunately it was only the start of a long and painfull road with a

company who has made clear not to care at all about some one who has spend

his money. They have my cash and now couldn't care less whether I am

satisfied or not. Phonecalls to Nokia Careline are ended in telling me t

call a 078 number that never is free and always deviates to an answering

machine that promises a prompt call back that never comes or a regular

number where people tell me that I'm the only person with this kind of

problems. After the first "new" phone the happy marrriage was over.

Eight months plus nine weeks meant the end of the official waranty!

Luckily Belgium has laws stipulating that ANY repair is automatically

covered by a three months unconditional waranty! Unfortunately I have had to

use this more than once. Every replacement phone I got was in worse shape than the previous, e.g.:

one rebooted each time the cover was opened and closed, one did not stay

connected to the network for more than three hours without crashing, one did

not have a connection between phone and PDA part, biut the killer was the

lqst phone, which I received TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only didn't PDA and phone NOT WORK together, the phone part simply could


AND APPROVED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE) further more did the PDA part reboot every

time teh phone activation button (red key on the outside) is being pushed. This is the most worthless piece of equipment I ever owned ! Pure and simple

theft and lies.

A company who has only wanted to cash in on my money and does not want to

provide a decent solution for an unreliable product! I even have proposed to

replace this sorry excuse for a product to be replaced by a newer, perhaps

more reliable version of it but unfortunately this has been the welcome of

honing and a statement that my phone is NO LONGER UNDER OFFICIAL waranty and

that it is not the company policy to replace it by anything newer. Basically

I paid for a lemon and I will not get a decent product for my money. In any

other lmarket this would be intollerable but NOKIA thinks to get away with


PLEASE PEOPLE BE WARNED this company does NOT want to provide you wioth

decent products, they only want your money and NOT give anything back. I

also own a 3310 and this is starting to have intermittant problems as well

with which NOKIA does not want to help either! NOKIA is the biggest bandit in this market. They grew so big that they think

they can get a way with anything. I'm going to make this into a public case

against them. Anyone else with similar problems please contact me at

COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_27035#. United we might be able to teach this giant a

lesson. If they don't want to hear a single voice we will unite! The more of this story and similar get out the more we can do something.

PLease speak up and unite!

Jan Vekemans


Regional Sales Manager Benelux

Baltimore Technologies


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