Computer Hardware, Dell ordered one computer, received two - trouble getting credit for returned cmputer

Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2001 at 1:04pm CDT by dcf5e582

Company: Computer Hardware, Dell ordered one computer, received two - trouble getting credit for returned cmputer

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Dell Customer dis-service


From: David Hamilton COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_26845#

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 01:04 PM Mid February I ordered One Dell computer system, I gave Dell my credit card to pay for the system. And Dell charged my card for the machine. At the end of February I received 2 identical computer systems. One charged to my credit card, and one that dell was sending me monthly statements for. I made arrangements to return one of the systems. Dell told me which machine to return (they each had different order numbers) I made it clear that I did NOT want to finance a machine, and they already had my payment. About 2 weeks later, and more follow-ups on my part. I finally received the return shipping labels for the second computer. 3/19/01 Dell acknowledged receipt of the machine and said they would credit my charge card for the refund. I informed Dell, this was NOT our agreement they were to eliminate the financing. Dell said they could not do that. My only option was to get the refund on the card, then Call Dell and have them charge the card. 5/4/01 Dell has been using my Money for over 2 Months! The credit finally showed up on my card. I called Dell to have the computer charged to my card. Dell tells me They Can’t do that. They tell me, the only option I have is to call my credit card company and have them issue a check, they say I must then Call Dell for the payoff amount and send a check to them. 5/14/01 I received the check from my credit card Company. I Called Dell and requested the payoff amount. Dell states that in addition to the price of the computer, I owe $113.15 for Interest! (They had my money for 60+ days.) On the Dell web page they offer 90 days same as cash! 5/15/01 I sent a check to Dell for the full amount (Including the $113.15 that they extorted from me.) 5/21/01 Dell has cashed The Check and it has cleared my bank. 5/22/01 Dell sent a threatening letter to me. They state they have reported me to the credit reporting agencies for a delinquent debt. 5/29/01 Dell says that the debt has been paid in full I have spent Hours on hold, waiting to talk to incompetent Dell customer service reps, Who offer nothing but miss-information and Lies. This has been the most frustrating retail experience of my life. At the very least I feel Dell Owes me the $113.15 interest that they extorted from me due to their incompetent bookkeeping I also feel that Dell has a duty to contact the credit reporting agencies and notify them that any “delinquent payments” on my part were due to Dells bookkeeping errors


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