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Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2001 at 2:40am CDT by 3d2e9cd4

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Schrock cabinets a the worst garbage


From: Bruce Sanders COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_26987#

Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 02:40 AM Schrock cabinets a the worst garbage I have ever seen. Their "Deluxe" cabinets a of such poor quality and materials, I don't know how they can sell this junk with a straight face. They appantly have no quality control. Out of over 10 cabinets, none was squa.

In fact, no two sides matched-up. Because of this, the shelves rock back and forth from the holes on either side not matching. Even the wood used on these oak cabinets is of poor quality. No attempt was even made to match grain types. The blind cabinets a ally a bad joke.

The front frames a assembled wrong. Even the "3/8 plywood" is inferior, that's why they cover it up with contact paper. If these a their deluxe cabinets, I can only imagine what their "select" cabinets a like. However, it's too late now, my house is ruined. I only hope I can save someone else from my experience.


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98a57700, 2008-06-10, 10:35PM CDT

I agree with this comment, I being a quality Inspector have seen better built cabinets for R.V.'s, and thats not saying to much. How this company can sell a product made of chip wood and claiming its wood is beyond me. First of all they use staples to hold the cabinet together with no use of cleats anywhere for framing, so squareness is out of the question. How can you properly hang a cabinet with no cleat? Pray that the chip wood holds together, or just not put anything in them so they dont fall apart or fall off the wall like they did in my friends house.Needless to say she had a set of expensive dishes in the cabinet that her mother had given her, that she has no more for the cabinet fell off the wall because the partical board couldnt hold the weight of dishes. But, isnt that what kitchen cabinets are for, or are they just there for looks?

9469ae56, 2008-12-05, 04:25PM CST

I can completely agree with this complaint. I had ordered all new schrock cabinets for my recent kitchen remodel and was completely amazed at how horrible the quality was. There must be absolutley zero quality control in that factory. Only after seeing a sticker on all the cabinets that said "inspected by" followed by somebodys name, did i finally boil over with anger and insult. so i contacted a schrock rep to vent. out of the 12 cabinets that i ordered, 2 had to be replaced because of OBVIOUS flaws, in addition to several shelves that had to be replaced because of cracks/chips/tears. Oh, and i almost forgot about the 3 other cabinets that had the door hinge hardware that were completely loose due to the fact that the screws were overtightened and stripped of threads. i had to drill out the holes to a larger Dia. and fill with epoxy only to redrill and drive new screws. after all was said and done, out of the 12 cabinets, 2 were worthless, 3 needed a couple hours worth of repairs. My entire remodel was delayed by at least 2 weeks due to the repairs and replacement time of the inferior cabinets that should have been caught before they even left the factory in the first place. i will never even concider another schrock or masterbrand(parent company) product ever again. do yourself a favor and find another cabinet company. hope this helps.

Anonymous, 2009-01-12, 12:25PM CST

Are we talking about the same cabinets? I just completed my new kitchen using Schrock cabinets and for the second time I am totally satisfied with the cabinets. My last house I also used Schrock. I did not buy the value line cabinets. My kitchen planner explained the difference between the valeu line and the trademark. I bought the trademark with the all plywood construction upgrade. Schrock had the options that I wanted while the others that I looked at did not. My new kitchen looks like I spent a fortune even though I got a very good price. Much cheaper than most of their competitors. Maybe the other reviews written bought from one of the large home centers. I also tried that and got all of the wrong advice. I went to a mom and pop dealer and couldn't be happier. With Schrock semi custom cabinets I got the same design as the custom cabinets I was looking at. I would recommend these cabinets to the fussiest of consumers.

2d506790, 2009-09-20, 01:53PM CDT

I cannot agree with these complaints. I have had the deluxe Oak cabinets since 1993, and not 1 cabinet door is sagging. one of the hinges has bent over time, and has to be adjusted. But I still get comments on how well they look after 16 years.

37e29dac, 2009-10-21, 12:46PM CDT

You sound like a typical whining ,Spoiled American.

dcee16a3, 2009-10-22, 08:24PM CDT

Shrock cabinets are what they are: an inexpensive alternative to custom made cabinets. I've had mine for 7 years and I have been pleased with them. The finish has held up well and they haven't broken down. If you want quality cabinets, hire a local custom cabinet craftsman and pay the price. I bought and installed my Shrock kitchen because after my divorce I couldn't afford the quality cabinets placed in my quality spec homes I used to build as a contractor.

c6aa0342, 2010-05-11, 12:56PM CDT

I have to agree. I recently purchased these cabinets thinking I was buying a "higher end" cabinet. Was I ever surprised. Out of 5 cabinets 2 had to be replaced because of damage at the factory and 8 shelves had to be replaced. Quality control is non-existent. Screws stripped, poor finish, not even attempting to match grain on the face, broken cabinets, it all goes out hoping that the end user won't complain.

5006ebd1, 2010-08-17, 10:37AM CDT

I completely disagree with your comments about Schrock. I just installed the Trademark collection and they are very impresive (and inexpensive) compared to other cabinets of similar quality. I would use these again in my next home.

f6d684d8, 2010-08-17, 12:51PM CDT

I have to agree and also complain about the schrock cabinets that I ordered. Their is no quality control. I ordered cabinets in April 2010 and received them in early June. I was in for a big suprise when my contractor informed me of all of the defects in the product.

I had to have 3 cabinets replaced as well as 11 of the doors and drawers. It took several weeks to get the replacements and when the finally arrived and I got them out of the boxes, the cabinets were in worse condition than the original cabinets that were sent. Not to mention they were boxed upside down so that when you took the corner cabinet out of the box all of the shelving was nicked.

I am now waiting yet again to find out if and when I am going to be receiving replacement cabinets. I am now 2 and a half months without a finished kitchen and still living out of boxes.

I only wish that I would have researched these cabinets before ordering them. I went to a reputable dealer so I never imagined that I would be experiencing these issues.

1763664f, 2010-09-12, 09:31AM CDT

complaints are a bunch of bull. If you abuse any cabinets they will not hold up. I have Schrock cabinets in my kitchen for 10 yrs now and they look like new ..of course, we do treat them with respect ..sounds to me like the above person complaining has a vendetta against Schrock that goes deeper than the quality of the cabinets ..ludicrious that none were square, etc. - for those of us who buy quality, pay for quality, and take care of quality the above complaint will make us just shake our heads and laugh basis whatsoever for it ..

Anonymous, 2010-09-26, 12:20AM CDT

I wish i would have saw this sooner , as my wife picked out the cabinets , absolute junk ,pressed paperboard for a load bearer ???Come on! and no hanging cleats and staples to hold it together and all the holes looked like they drilled with a sissor blade ,sloppy workmanship at its finist , If I was Amish I would sue them for misrepresentation of real workmanship ,also 8 out of the 10 boxes where packed upside down ,people don't you know what this side up means ??? , screw heads stripped out on the hinge assys because they couldn't find the predrilled holes , as soon as I can these are going in the trash or burn pit, I wouldn't even reuse them in my garage to store stuff .. $2500 down the drain its not schrock it slop !

ce79c98a, 2011-01-26, 07:21PM CST

Schrock has 1/2" funiture board with nat maple interiors,cabinet backs have

a full furiture board backs and the are

3/4 shelves. Schrock has a lifetime warranty

dd4971e6, 2011-02-10, 01:05PM CST

yea, I agree, purchased their cabinets, and had to have my carpenter revamp the poor quality.would never buy again!

626b5d2c, 2011-09-28, 09:22PM CDT

Our house is only 8 years old and the cabinets started falling apart 4 years ago. Most of the faces are off, some of the doors are just plain falling apart at the seams. This quality of house certainly doesn't match the JUNK that we call our kitchen cabinets! I can see this warranty crap won't probably get us anywhere from what I've been reading!

barb m., 2012-11-10, 07:17AM CST

Totally agree with the other consumers. After only a few months, the hinges were loose, and the cupboard doors were crooked. I can't even express how disappointed we are with the "quaility". Both of the lazy susan doors are hanging crooked and look horrible. What a

JOKE of a product. I WOULD NEVER EVER buy any Schrock product again.

fe142370, 2014-03-26, 06:53PM CDT

All you complainers should go out and buy the Chinese junk. There you will find poor quality. I have Schrock cabinets in every room in my house. To claim that they are crap, you don't know what you're talking about. Are they the best quality out there? No, but it's not as expensive as Custom cabinetry. I have 25 year old Schrock and most recently 3 years ago. You get what you pay for. I am a former installer, and I can tell you that there really is a lot of crap out there, but Schrock is not one of them. I have installed in excess of 300 kitchens, and had fewer problems with the Schrock brand. Believe what you want, but for my money, Schrock gives you the quality and look that you want. They now have a Lifetime warranty too. So what's the problem? Do you think they would offer that if they were building garbage ? Do your homework before you part with your hard earned money,and don't believe everything you see on the internet.

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