1999 Landrover Discovery Series II - Cracked Exhaust Manifold

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Company: 1999 Landrover Discovery Series II - Cracked Exhaust Manifold

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Complaints.com received the following on March 5, 2003:

From: Andre Brown [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_23879#]

RE: 1999 Landrover Discovery Series II - Cracked Exhaust Manifold

Dear Landrover I purchased a 1999 Discovery Series II new in 1999. Since then there have been several small quirks wrong with the vehicle, including the truck having to be serviced for several days after the 1st MONTH of use. The issue that has brought me to a boiling point is that fact that I now have a seriously cracked exhaust manifold on the passenger side of the vehicle. I first detected a slight ticking noise in the vehicle in cold climate, upon accelerating from 5 to 20 mph. At this time the vehicle only had approximately 75K on it. I took the vehicle in for servicing as I usually have kept the service well maintained at my nearest Landrover Dealership located in Metarie, Louisiana which at least 2.5 hrs. away from Jackson, MS. During their investigation they confidently said that my truck needed head and valve work and that the cost of such work to fix the problem was approxiatemately $2000.00. I was torn, I could not believe a brand new truck of such a caliber would require extensive motor work so soon, especially now that it was IRONICALLY out of warranty. I felt mad, cheated, and confused a the same time. I could not afford to get the work done and the service to, as the problem was not that bad at the time, and the service was more important to maintain the upkeep of the vehicle. About 6months later upon traveling to Charlotte, the noise was more evident, so during my visit there I took the vehicle to the shop for minor service and a diagnosis of the same problem I had investigated at Landrover New Orleans. When telling the service man of my issue I described what the issue might be within one of the heads and that a valve maybe sticking or need some work.

The service man immediately said that was probably not the case, and that it be as simple as a crack in the exhaust manifold on the passenger side. I was shocked that he knew where to zero in on the problem. After further review, he detected that the underside of the passenger side exhaust manifold, did indeed have a crack in it, and that replacement would solve the issue. By the speed and accuracy of the detection this apparently has happened to other Landrover customers before I cannot believe a vehicle with 85K would need an exhaust manifold replaced. Exhaust manifolds don't completely crack, usually exhaust leaks are detected in mufflers, or exhaust pipes, in some cases manifolds may be cracked only after years (20 or more). I am not an automobile service technician, but to my knowledge exhaust manifolds are made or iron. Iron does not simply crack, the only possible thing that could have contributed to this is the fact that I had to replace my radiator some time ago.

The radiator mysteriously had gotten a hole in it, and it appeared to be a defect with several radiators on this vehicle because again, my regular service person knew exactly what was wrong and replaced it with no problem. But in the course of replacing that did not mention that after affects of a broken radiator could lead to the potentially cracked exhaust manifold. Which if the radiator is broken or not functioning properly, extreme heat and cold air are results from the vehicle running hot or cold, which is exactly what mine was doing. I am too upset to write any further, please contact me ASAP at my mailing address. I will be contacting my Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau regarding this matter. You may reach me via mail at 215 Cobblestone Dr., Madison, MS 39110 or email COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66145# Sincerely, Andre Brown

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