T-Mobile - T-Mobile - phone signal quality too poor to use phone in own house - still not allowed to cancel T-Mobile contract

Posted on Wednesday, March 5th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 288754bb

Company: T-Mobile

Category: Telecommunications

5 months ago I bought 2 phones one for my wife and one for myself. We were both working until January when we both got laid off (Computer Industry). Last week I bought a business. The phone will not work in my house due to poor signal quality. I need a phone to run my business. T-Mobile's signal is too weak to use. I have to go get another carrier that will work in my house. The first time I called T-Mobile I got a guy who was very responsive and willing to work with me. He said let go down the process and find a way to get me fixed up. He sent me a replacement phone, which had the same poor signal quality and my SIMMs card wouldn't work in the new phone. I called T-Mobile back and they said it was basically too bad and that they did not Guarantee signal quality in a home.

I explained my circumstances and they said it was nothing they could do other than asking me to pay the $200 cancellation fee. I asked to talk to a supervisor and a person called Reyas came on the phone and gave a very unprofessional attitude. II tried to work with him and asked them about their customer satisfaction policies and willingness to work with their customers. He said the problem was my problem and there was nothing he would do. I asked for hi supervisor and he said the guys name was Joe and I could not speak to him.

That there was nothing more T-Mobile could do. I got a little angry and said a few curse words and he then said don't bother calling back that he would make sure my record had information in it that would never let me out of the one year contract. T-Mobile is totally inflexible and does not have the first idea of what customer satisfaction is all about. My advice is to not work with a company who is so inflexible and not willing to work with the customer. They offer no other options other than what is in the contract. and they will not let you talk to a manager.


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8436c2b2, 2009-07-10, 08:00AM CDT

I totaly agree with all of the above complaints. I also have very poor signal at home and find it very difficult to run a business when clients cannot get through to me via my mobile phone. I have tried several times to contact t-mobile to see what can be done and on all occations the same old story "sorry sir nothing we can do" customer service is abismal and i would not recomend t-mobile to anyone.

518b0486, 2009-08-27, 04:41PM CDT

Bleh I have the same problem. T-mobile has not improved signal strength for 3 years. The only reason I still have t-mobile is because my family unexpectedly bought new phones with contracts and we aren't going to pay 200 for a cancellation fee. This spring I will get to change to AT&T. People tell me it's horrible, but you know what? Not improving signal for my neighborhoods and the other neighborhoods around me is horrible. Especially over a few years. Everyone I know that has T-mobile doesn't like them but is tied in with their contract and can't escape. I would go with Verizon if I didn't have bad past experiences, also they don't offer sim cards which is useful in switching phones without having to contact the company.

c5bf697f, 2009-09-18, 02:59PM CDT

I have the same situtation. I can't call outsite from home and T-mobile doesn't do anything and there customer service is the worse I ever seen. I never ever give the business to them again.

844865a9, 2010-12-15, 02:03PM CST

same here! I don't get good signal inside my house. Every-time I'm talking on phone, I have to get out of my house and that still won't help a lot. T-mobile sucks!

I am using a basic-type prepaid plan and thought it was problem with my plan because it was not like the higher level postpaid plans. So, I was thinking about upgrading to another plan with T-mobile. But...looks like it's not the problem with my plan, it's the whole t-mobile thing.

I need suggestion people. Which carrier do you think is the best? Is verizon good? I'm looking at it because I can get a good student discount using my university's email address.

Please let me know, it will be really helpful.

[email protected]

ec32180c, 2012-03-02, 08:35PM CST

Mr. Wee Wee had tO dO away with T-MObile due tO weakness on their PART. Mr. Wee Wee runs CLUB WEE WEE and I needs tO talk to my peeps, knOw what I'm sayin? sO, I gOt a gOOd phOne nOw!

Mr. Wee Wee sez "yOu gO girl," get Out Of yOur T-MObile phOne and STAND FIRM BEHIND BARACK~!!!

yOu gO girl!

8e8c5adf, 2012-07-04, 01:51PM CDT

I'm paying T-Mobile over $117.00 a month for service here in my home in Aurora,Colorado, and I can't even get a strong enough signal to dial 911, which was the case 2 days ago when I needed an ambulance. They have done nothing to help me and their people in India that they employ have been the rudist people to deal with. I'm cancelling my contract if they don't fix this now.

william h., 2014-06-21, 10:43AM CDT

I have a metro pcs phone metro now brought out tmobile so went to metro company store to pay my bill and was told that the system that metro is using is going to be turned off. and that t mobiles system will provide signal to new phones and i have to purchase a new smart phone because metros signal will be turned off soon and t mobiles towers are going to run metros phones so had new phone turned on got home and no signal for past 3 days what crap tmobiles system is and i paid my cell phone bill for 3 months ahead of time not to be bothered with it no refund back so now verizon here i come back metro was great why they fall into tmobiles crap system they will loose a lot of customers for shure.

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