Mitchum deodorant - have used for 20 years - only past 2 years it has caused rash

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Company: Mitchum deodorant - have used for 20 years - only past 2 years it has caused rash

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RE: Mitchum deodorant - have used for 20 years - only past 2 years it has caused rash

I wish to make a complaint about Mitchum deodorant. This used to be an absolute godsend, it sorted out my body odour problem no end for the past 20 odd years only for the past two years I have been having a rash problem with this deodorant.

When I used it last year I got this rash but didn't put it down to the deodorant until I started to use a different one. Trouble is the other deodorants don't do the job quite as efficiently hence I put up with the rash. Through the winter periods I've used another deodorant but recently decided to try Mitchum again, only used it for two days and the rash started to come back again.

It definitely is the deodorant so have they changed some ingredient because if they have please don't try to perfect already on perfection, go back to the old way of making it. Until they do I can't use it!!!!! Thanks for listening. I don't suppose you would have their address so that I could complain in person? Regards Irene Cleverley


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0d2db9f7, 2008-04-20, 03:18AM CDT

I had the same exact thing happen. I was using Old Spice deodorant which was leaving white residue on my shirts, so when I saw the commercial for Mitchum, claiming it has the maximum level of their active ingredient, and that it doesn't leave any residue behind, I started using it right away. After the first stick, I decided I loved it and continued to use it. Sometime during the second or third stick, I noticed an itchy spot on my left underarm. Normally when I bathe, I don't try to get a good look at my underarm, but one day in the shower I felt the itch and noticed an irritated, red spot about the size of a quarter. I ignored it at first, but it got worse. It didn't get any bigger, but the burning itch progressively got worse, then I started to notice dead skin on the same spot which caused a foul odor, even after throughly scrubbing in the shower. The odor was not the typical body odor, but something much more foul, like decaying organic matter. So I ended up cleaning the spot and removing the dead tissue as best as I could, switched right away back to using Old Spice. There was another spot in the same place on my right underarm, but much smaller and less severe. It's been a few days now that I've got back to using Old Spice, and the spot on my right arm is completely gone, and the spot on my left arm is healing up very well, and is no longer producing any odor.

b51c5034, 2008-08-01, 05:41AM CDT

I have had a similar problem. I have used the Mitchum mens deodorant for years. It was the best of many brands that I have tried and never had any problems with underarm rash. I tried the new "no white residue" item about a year ago and have had problems; an itchy rash developed and small nodules appeared. If squeezed, these nodules secreted a white waxy substance that did have an odor. I would like to know if the problem is due to ingredients added to eliminate the residue or if Mitchum has changed other ingredients which created this problem. I would like to continue with the brand and would like to get some advice from Mitchum on what to do next.

117c1278, 2008-09-25, 03:25PM CDT

I have an issue with Mitchem deodorant as well. They "claim" that they don't leave stains on clothes but they do. Their deodorant has ruined 4 of our shirts. I'm not talking about a simple residue either! These are "bleached" out stains in the underarms. On two of my husbands shirts it did something to the fabric that the fabric actually weakened to the point that it tore. You could stick your finger through the fabric. If is does this to fabric, imagine what it is doing to your skin! My two shirts have white spots under the arms now...and there isn't anything on the on bottles that warn against this. It is suppose to be "fast drying"..

21210225, 2008-12-29, 11:34AM CST

The same thing is happining to me.. I thought I would try this product because I was getting sweat marks on my shirts and a friend reccommended this to try. I put this on and it burned so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I tried again but did not shave first same thing then broke out in a rash. NEVER again!! I had to get special cream from my doctor to take the burning/rash away I will never tell anyone to buy this product ever!

051b0c2a, 2009-01-27, 07:08PM CST

Have had exactly the same thing happen put on and straight away it burns,i had read many years ago that mitchum didn,t contain aluminium well it sure does, can,t find anywhere to complain to the makers, the problem needs to be fixed.



a7e56f74, 2009-02-03, 03:56PM CST

I have sensitive skin and have been using Mitchum for at least 15 years and have not noticed any difference. I always use the regular unscented in the dark green bottle (which is technically the men's line) since I can't handle strong fragrance.

Perhaps those who are having these reactions might want to try the Sensitive skin version that came out a few years ago. My husband uses this because he has psorasis and this is the only thing I've found that does not make him break out under his arms. We've tried several other brands that are labeled Sensitive skin but he still breaks out and the other brands don't work as well either. It can be harder to find this version so far the only place I've seen it is Target.

c5f38a9e, 2009-07-11, 01:13PM CDT

I've used Mitchum Solid Unscented for over 30 years, glad that I would never have to seek a better product, that is until I started using whatever this NEW & IMPROVED product is. The new product feels creepy going on, it's given me an extremely uncomfortable rash under both my arms & I'm itching so bad I've removed several layers of skin. Mitchum has become a totally unusable product!

1962016c, 2009-08-03, 02:17PM CDT

The phone number for complaints is 1-888-8-MITCHUM.

My complaint is that the SMART SOLID crumbles. I did not roll it up too high and furthermore, I still have lots in the dispenser, but it is crumbled into unusuable globs. One glob got stuck in a fold of my sweater and took the color out of it. Batch 10:09 08252 2

9baa829d, 2009-08-23, 01:16AM CDT

I to have used Lady Mitchum roll on for years!! it is amazing!! and then one day I could not find it in the stores so I was forced to try other brands! I have been going back and forth thru several brands for the past few years and nothing has ever come close to the Mitchum - and then just three days ago I found it again at only one store here in town and its not a small town by anymeans but only in one store and so I bought three bottles in fear that I would not find it when I went back!! I was soo excited and wanted to go home and shower and put it on!!! I didn't though I waited til the next day but I was that excited that I wanted to use it right away!! So I used it for two days and this is the second day and My entire arm pit is red and bumpy! It is summer time and I can not hide it!! I was at a birthday party and my husband says what is wrong with your armpit and I said what- he said it is all red and disgusting looking like you have herpies growing under your arm! It looks that BAD!!! I said oh no- it has been really itching me and I have been scratching really bad- but I switched to a deodarant that I used to use - and yes for the past two days I do give you this- I have had no odor what so ever!! and I just had a baby so I have been dealing with extreme amounts of sweat pours and really bad odor that I cant handle and am not used to - so I have been showering like three times a day to get rid of the smell until I found the mitchum again! so yes my smell is gone but is it worth having this herpeies looking rash-(growth) under my arms?? I think not- especially in the summer time!! so yes they have changed their ingred. and I think that they need to - if not go back becuase it may work better for some but atleast offer the reg stuff that they had before!!!!!!!!!!

d4798a98, 2009-09-15, 05:14PM CDT

I have the same problem - have used mitchum for 20 yrs and now i start getting a rash from it.

this has been the only deoderant that ever realy worked for me. Any suggestions im listening dont want to change but have had no choice. But it dont work as well. :(


63d71ca1, 2009-09-21, 07:32PM CDT

The same has happened to me. I have used Mitchum for over 10 years and have the worst rash ever. The bottles I purchased lately have ODORGUARD as a superior strength and it is awful. It smells awful. I have made a doctor's appointment to try to get a topical creme to clear this up. But, I don't like this look at all. MITCHUM was a very good product prior to changing the maybe one ingredient. This is a AWFUL, AWFUL RASH to feel and look at everyday. Mitchum should be held responsible for this. The complaints are all the same and I legal measures need to be taken.

57fed907, 2009-09-22, 03:08PM CDT

Same thing has happened to me i only just started using it for the first time because it sounded good and i have realy really itchy armpits with an unsightly red angry rash! i switched t dove and it went away and gave mitchum the benifit of the doubt again and low and behold the rash and itchiness is back with avengance!

i am one very upset consumer, DO NOT USE MITCHUM !!!

f2ab04c7, 2009-10-14, 06:51PM CDT

I'm going to complain also. Iv'e used Mitchum Solid for probably 25-30 years. Convinced all my friends to switch also.

My problem started a couple of months ago when they changed to the Smart Solid...goes on wet and sticky...Gross! I don't have a rash. I have a scabbed crease where my arm pit wrinkles. I know it is from the deodorant; it cleared up when I changed to Secret solid (dry when you put in on). My arm got better so I went back to the new Mitchum Smart solid. In two weeks the same thing happened. Why change a good thing!!!!!



545cec34, 2009-11-17, 08:59PM CST

Yes samr thing happened to me but i switched to the pale green deodorant and it seems to be less irritating but still does a much better job than any others on the market. Please go back to the old formula you had was the best

d0c091f6, 2010-07-16, 10:29AM CDT

I too have used Mitchum scented roll-on for 20+ years. NOTHING ever compared to this deodoarant. I never had to worry about perspiration or odor. I noticed the new formula doesn't prevent sweating under the armpits and odor control is not as good. And like others, it has been causing severe itching and burning. I checked an old bottle, and the active ingredient has changed. It is a complicated chemical name so I can't remenmber it right now, but it definitely changed. Why on earth they changed it is beyond me. Now I have to find a new deodorant and worry about odor. I'm wondering if there was a health problem related to the old ingredient so they changed it? I hope not; they could at least alert people if there was a problem. Jerks.

adc73915, 2009-12-31, 01:45AM CST

i have used mitchum power gel mountain air for a long time now... But lately I have been getting a rash and bad bad itch.... I have scratched my skin raw some days and also no matter how little i use it always clumps up and rips hair outta my pitts when i lift my arm.. I can say it has become a unbearable product and am writing them a letter...

8bdacab5, 2010-01-27, 02:02PM CST

I have used the Mitchum roll on for 40 years and thought it was a wonderful anti perspirent and deodorant. 6 months ago, I couldd't find the product in my grocery store. Instead there was a stick deodorant. I took it home confident that it was an equivalent product. It was a dissapointment. Not only was it not ineffective antiperserpirant, it wasn't great for odor control either. I'd like to find the original roll-on. Is it still made? I've switched to something called Hi and Dri which works wonderfully but causes a rash.

a1b842bc, 2010-01-28, 11:39PM CST

I have been using the Ladies "Mitchum unscented roll-on" for about 20 years without any problems what so ever...

until now. The formula has changed. The container says "NEW LOOK, SAME POWERFUL FORMULA" it's definitely not the same formula.

1)It's now scented,

2)the consistency is different, it's thinner and drips out of the container when in use,

3)the color is more transparent than the milky color it used to be and 4)worst of all, it feels disgustingly sticky and takes 3 times longer to dry than it used to.

I have bought 2 other containers in the hope that it was a "bad batch". Unfortunately, that is not the case, the 2 others were equally nasty to use, hence I no longer use the product.

PLEASE RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA so I can resume using the product comfortably and confidently.



2d77e096, 2010-01-31, 06:48PM CST

Love the deodorant and have used for many many years. HATE the new packaging. It it too large for travel constraints for airlines. The old bottle was slim and small. This new bottle is fat and chunky. PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO FORMER PACKAGING....Thanks.

98d02adf, 2010-04-21, 09:30PM CDT

I was just about to go to my doctor thinking that it was another type of problem. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I've been using the Mitchum solid (which does crumble) and, as a result, I have been unable to shave for over 6 months. I thought originally that I had just cut my underarm and failed to notice the cut. But I do remember giving out of Mitchum and seeing an improvement until I again begin using Mitchum. I, for one, will just stop using it. It is the most effective dedorant that I have used; however, it's not worth the itching and rash that has resulted. The formula was definitely changed, and like Coke, the new is definitely not an improvement!

32cd0c24, 2010-04-28, 01:13PM CDT

I have used mitchum liquid roll on for over 35 years and recently within the last 6 months it has caused a itch and rash not only under my arms but also anywhere my towel touch with washed off deoderent durning my shower. The itching was so terrible and I dod not want to give up this wonderful product. I think the formula must have been changed or tampered with. I switched to another brand for 5 months and when I resumed using the mitchum the itching returned. Although I am mitchum's biggest fan I think for the health of my skin I wil have to change products. At least until the formula changes back.

0f728b16, 2010-06-09, 02:33PM CDT

OMG i am out here looking for exactly what has been written. My arm pits have red swollen rashes from using this stuff. Been using it for years without any issue. Now I cant stand the pain and rash. What Gives?

bb061c1c, 2010-07-13, 07:16PM CDT

This is CRAZY! I too have used Mitchum exclusively for 20 years! Now I get what amounts to 1st degree burns under each arm. I keep trying to use it, but it's so painful and if I switch brands I don't get the burns.

Whatever Mitchum did, they lost me as a very please customer.


f653979a, 2010-07-16, 02:14PM CDT

I noticed that it stopped working two years ago. My mother as well and my boss too. I contacted the company only to be told that they hadn't changed anything and basically got the feeling that they just didn't care if they lost the business or not.

c688adfd, 2011-01-13, 12:38AM CST

The reason everybody is getting rashes is because the plastic applicator on the mitchum deodorant tubes has small very sharp peices on the plastic so when you are applying it is scratching your armpits.. this is happening to me also!!! they need to sand the plastic right where the stuff comes out!!!!!

f2d23426, 2011-03-04, 09:34AM CST

Amazing to find this thread. I have used Mitchum for a few years now and always marvelled at how dry it keeps me. I use the skinny green roll-on for males. Well recently with the "new and improved" bottles I have been getting extreme rashing under the arm pits. It is red and scabby and extremely painful. My girlfriend thought it may be my older cotton shirts I use for the gym or how hard I scrub in the shower afterwards...but is the deodorant. I will throw these things out when I get home (I have 2 more). Mitchum now such a disappotment.

d1edbc65, 2011-03-07, 04:28PM CST

Finding this website made me feel so much better. I thought it was just me and my sensitive skin. I too have the rash, redness and itchiness. I tried to endure the pain because it has always worked so well, but now this recently started happening. Going for a change. I hope Mitchum gets these complaints and does something about it.

30c1c7df, 2011-05-03, 02:38PM CDT

I had the same problem, and is really awful, I have been using the product for years, till the last new bottle I use causing my armpits 3rd degree burn and rash. I never had it before, happens to my wife too. It gone red and browning, and when I lift my arm up and feel like tight and torn my skin apart, and got little bleed.

My wife cried as she cant shave her armpit as is like raw skin with rash. Oh god help me!

So god knows when the burn gonna stop as Ive stopped using Mitchum and went for another mild product, and is helps, but still in a pain!! So have you made any legal or sue the company as my armpit is now 3rd degree burn. Im angry and I thought I trusted Mitchum. Now I dont. Can anyone help me?



93602a08, 2011-05-10, 11:40AM CDT

I've read all the comments here and I'm having the same bad rash under my arms.I've been using a neosporin ointment to treat the rash and help with the itching and redness. I have relied on this anti-perspirant for many years also and never had a problem until last year. I saved an old bottle that I keep in my gym bag and was able to compare the ingredients to the new bottle and sure enough, Mitchem has altered one of the ingredients. This is THE worst thing they could have done to such a great product.

I can only recommend "Certain Dri" anti-perspirant. It has worked for me in the past so I'll have to go back to using it at night. It's a prescription strength anti-perspirant roll-on that you can get over the counter. You apply it before bed, then you can use a regular deoderant in the morning if needed during the day. Mitchem was good because it was an all in one that stopped wetness AND odor but it does me no good now. I have three full useless bottles of this stuff under my bathroom sink. They now come in two-packs in the store probably because they can't give the stuff away now that everyone had to stop using it.

Hope this comment helps those looking for an new product to use!

c72a1ac1, 2011-05-18, 03:49PM CDT

I have the same rash. I do not have sensitive skin and have never had a rash before. I switched from Mitchum stick to Mitchum roll-on and within two weeks the rash started. I have to say that during that two weeks, it was the best deordorant I had ever used (period).

6821ac32, 2011-06-07, 07:41AM CDT


I just called 800-473-8566 to complain about the new formula, and ask about the original, and the customer service rep. for Revlon said the *original solid unscented Mitchum*...HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! Do all the phone calls, letters, and web forums full of CUSTOMER complaints & pleas to bring back the EXCELLENT original formula mean nothing to Revlon?

c5590cc3, 2011-08-14, 08:25PM CDT

I have used the Mitchum soft - the one that you click up - for years..... THEY DID CHANGE THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT ... I think they changed it from Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly to Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate - that is when it quit working. They do make a clinical strength one with the Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly but it burns and causes a rash for some reason.... and no it's not from the rollers - the solid is causing the rash.

37f2cb20, 2011-11-15, 04:08PM CST

This is the first time I've ever used Mitchum as I've never had an odour problem before, however it come on after the birth of my daughter. I tried it because my mom had always sworn by it. I have now developed unbearably itchy armpits, however I find this only happens when I get undressed at night. I have to scratch as the itching is that intense, and am now finding that when I lift my arms above my head, it feels as though the skin has ripped open!! I don't have sensitive skin and have no allergies that I'm aware of, however now believe the reason its so effective is because the odour causing bacteria are burnt to death!!! Along with my underarm skin!!! After a week of use its going in the bin!!!

ae9cf6ac, 2012-02-03, 11:06AM CST

I have just experienced the same problem with Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance sticks falling off the stick in clumps and have lost about a third of the product due to this defect. Mine is batch 14:09 10223 and I have another one the pharmacy 23:52 10278 2 with the same problem. Sorry but they just lost my 30 year business. I tried the roll-on but it just takes forever to dry and I can't be bothered anymore. Too bad - this was a great product.

50f21bcf, 2012-02-27, 11:19AM CST

This deodorant works far better than anything else I've ever tried but it DESTROYS my armpits, please fix this.

377b4390, 2012-04-16, 01:04PM CDT

I have experienced the exact same problem with Mitchum. Used it for over 10 years, and now i am lost because it has been such a great de oderant over the years, and i don't know what to use now.

5f3f2a13, 2012-06-07, 01:06PM CDT

This same thing happened to me, I got the scabbed look on the crease of my armpit, I was so worried, i thought it was skin cancer. I went to see my doctor about it, and he had no clue what it was, but gave me a creme to put on it, which softened up the werid skin scabs and i picked them off. Then it turned red and is burning super bad, I started to look up my deodorant reviews, and found all this. My doctor never once asked me anything about the deodorant I use!! So crazy.. now on the hunt to find something that works again.

s m., 2012-09-11, 01:25AM CDT

The color was removed from the underarm area from my brand new $80.00; 80% cotton knit blouse from using Mitchum Power gel powder fresh for wormen. The blouse is now ruined very sad; only wore the blouse for 3 hours. Sharon M

Edward J., 2012-09-18, 04:45PM CDT

I am pleased to find this site! It confirms my problem with the Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance Deodorant I started using. When I called Revlon, they told me to stop use and try using a Cortizone Cream for the bumpy red rash under my arms to clear up the problem. I tried the Cortizone Cream for eight days, with no improvement! I went to my Doctor who started me on a new medication, which I started today. I called the Revlon Consumer Claims (1-888-864-8248)and told them of my problems. They told me they are changing the formula. However, when I checked at CVS Pharmacy the product is still on the shelf. The store had marked the price down from $5.45 to a sale price of $i.95.

This product should be recalled, not discounted to an unsuspecting consumers!

3f285ba0, 2012-11-23, 04:59PM CST

thank U sooo much for your comments. my dad is allergic to deodorants & i've been doing research to help him find one that won't cause a rash. just read a[n] nih study "antiperspirant & deodorant allergy" showing mitchum roll-on unscented in a listing of low allergenicity deodorants & antiperspirants [table 2]. if not for, i would've made an erroneous (mitchum) purchase!

62f88df5, 2013-05-11, 12:23PM CDT

I have been using one form of Mitchums or another for fifty years ! Suddenly I have the rash!!!! The complaint line is closed today, but I am calling to see what The difference is and if I can ever use the stuff again. It was a life saver in high school and I have used it ever since and recommended it to others!

570350bb, 2013-05-13, 11:07AM CDT

To everyone complaining about not being able to get the original Mitchum's solid unscented deodorant, I just called their consumer line 1-888-864-8248). A very nice lady there told me the only way any of these complaints written on this website will get to them is if you call them directly at this phone #. If enough customers ask for the original formula, they may bring it back....but they have to hear directly from the customers. Please call them!!!! I, too, want this product desperately.

Karen L., 2013-07-03, 01:20PM CDT

Wow! I was thinking I was getting SHINGLES in my armpit!! I'm so happy I Googled my symptoms and ended up here. Shame on Mitchum for continuing to make this product that's giving us all instant scabs in our underarms! I think I will be trying the more natural stuff and hoping that it can control the odor/sweat. Good luck everyone!

dfac213d, 2013-08-02, 07:37PM CDT

Wow Im soo glad im not along I too have a black scab rash under my left arm. As of tonight this deordant is TRASH!!

18de915e, 2014-02-12, 12:27PM CST

Old formula is back! I called the customer service who advised me that Mitchum roll-on with the old formula Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly 20% was being re-issued in January 2014. I found it yesterday at CVS Pharmacy. The unscented roll-on bottle is slightly different shaped (dark green, shorter, and wider), and is labeled "NEW oxygen odor control technology". Be sure to check the ingredient as I think I saw a solid a few weeks earlier that said new oxygen odor control, but had the undesired ingredient.

a7c8dcba, 2014-02-23, 07:33AM CST

I have a bad rash under my arm also black scabs I was so scared I didnt know what it was they r sore and when o put the mitchem deorant on it burns I just need to clear this up a I wont be using mitchem again and will b telling my family....

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