Haband - www.haband.com - placed, and paid for order two weeks ago - still haven't received order

Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 38824b3c

Company: Haband - www.haband.com - placed, and paid for order two weeks ago - still haven't received order

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From: Steven W Hammons [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_23470#]

RE: Haband - www.haband.com - placed, and paid for order two weeks ago - still haven't received order

The following is a complaint email sent to Haband Online: From: Steven W Hammons


Subject: Where is my order??????

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Date sent: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 22:41:55 -0500 Ref. order # 2571487 I placed this order on March 12th, over two weeks ago! Where is it? You acknowledged the order via confirmation email the same day, and IMMEDIATELY withdrew your funds via my debit card! Neither have I received an email stating the order has shipped. If it takes this long to receive an order from Haband, I will NOT be placing another order with your company. Please advise immediately regarding this order. Steven W Hammons


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0b902aa6, 2008-04-03, 02:00PM CDT

I ordered a pair of shoes by mail and received a reply that i shorted you on the price. I called and cancelled the order but have not received my check back or a credit??

61a28ff1, 2008-06-06, 07:25PM CDT

It took me a long time to get my order too, and then I had to send it back and they still haven't sent a refund.

I don't know what else to do

47055079, 2008-06-11, 09:56PM CDT

I ordered two pair of pants for my husband and one was the right size, the other was wrong. I sent the blue pair back for replacement for the right size, and haven't got the second pir replacement yet. It was sent back with your packaging and your return label. What's the holdup/ They should have been here for Father's Day. That won't happen. Thanks a lot!!!!! You can forget any further orders.

9fd721cd, 2008-06-19, 02:02PM CDT

I order a Hearing Aid Device late in May or early June and it has not been received.

When I call Customers Service I get a menu and they ask for an order number. I haven ever heard from you, I hae no number. I have no date as several orders have been made I don't know one fron the others.

fb8569f3, 2008-07-04, 09:56AM CDT

I did not receive my two drills i payed for.

e195bb88, 2008-08-27, 09:51PM CDT

i made a on line orderreference number 21299374. i mailed in check with order and i still did not receive it as yet. what is hold up?


dfbb2e04, 2008-10-27, 05:49PM CDT

On October 9, 2008 I mailed out an order for two sets of queen size sheets and shortly after you recieved my order I was told they were on back order till the end of October 2008. I have not heard from you since then. Iwould like to know are they still on backorder. I have missed placed my account #, but I am sure you can locate my account info. by way of my home address or e-mail address. I would appreciate an immediate response.

7668fa21, 2008-11-03, 11:52AM CST

I recieved a shipment account #0182-151-969, order #9318125 10/17/08 Ticket #5991-061-2 10/20/08 $53.93 visa batch # 59279-194

I did not order these pants

my orders are charged to discovery not visa. Can you find the mistake?

Recieved my order #9298655 and the clock glass was broken 92J please confim

edeacbb0, 2008-11-16, 05:39PM CST

i ordered a pair of shoes and a queen sized sheet set. i have not received these and i ordered them october 27. it has almost been a month!

1a947124, 2008-11-17, 11:08AM CST

we just gave the wrong credit card numbers. we have an order under michael parker.

cd7ef67e, 2008-12-05, 02:27PM CST

I ordered some items from their website and have had the same problem as all of you. They took the money out right away. Didn't give me a confirmation number and each time i put in my info to track my order it came back as no record found. Tell me... How is it that you have my money but there is no record found. Called customer service to find out what is going on, they said it was going to be shipped the day i called. I highly reccomend that you do not shop here. This place is a bad business

5aacc2da, 2009-01-08, 07:31AM CST

I too am fed up with the unreasonable amount of time it takes to get an order from Haband. I will just throw their flyers in the garbage in the future...

Barbara W.

d1ce71ec, 2009-08-18, 09:58AM CDT

I sent a check with my order over a month ago. Check was dated July 25th. I received a back-order card on one item ordered on Aug. 7th.

To date (8-18-09) I have received nothing from Haband. Previous orders have been received within two or three weeks. Was this order lost?

4b5af2d1, 2009-08-21, 06:13PM CDT

I ordered 3 shirts July 22nd and received one but never the received the other two. My order # is 4595543 and my acc't # is 0295-820-484. I paid by Visa card. When should I expect to receive the balance of my order?

76d200ca, 2009-09-29, 01:24PM CDT

I ordered 3 weeks ago. they said my order was sent 2 weeks ago. I am through with Haband!!

9de24288, 2009-11-17, 08:00AM CST

I totaly agree I have had nothing but trouble with my orders with haband. I had trouble with my first order a year ago, and decided to give it another try. I am still waiting for my order, that i placed and paid for weeks ago.

Where is my order and check?????

Shirley Glasgow

b76f6734, 2009-11-25, 12:17PM CST

I have no trouble getting my order in time I just have something charged on my credit card as Haband Perks do not know what it is and would like to have this credited back to my card in the amount of $14.95. Would appreciate this before I place another order. Thank you for your time

dacff358, 2009-12-17, 11:49AM CST

Well its Dec. 17 2009, there are no chanes at Haband. I ordered stuff over three weeks ago, they cashed by check on Dec. 10th, no e-mail confirmation, no order, can't get no one to listen to me at this place. NO MORE SHOPPING AT HABAND................THEY ????

26633138, 2009-12-21, 04:43PM CST

i get sick and tired 0of ordering and they say you get some nice gift and then the send you something that's not fit for a childs,i am thought with them to.

Daisy Carter

003e72c3, 2009-12-24, 11:56AM CST

I ordered 2 flannel shirts end of Nov 2009. I rec'd them but I sent them back because they were a terrible fit and the quality was awful. I sent them back over a month ago and I have e-mailed twice and they keep telling me they have not received them and that i would have to trace them if I insured them which I didn't and neither did they. I have lost my money and I have nothing to show for it.

They will not credit my account for the amount. I will no longer do business with them. BUYER BEWARE!~!!!!!!!!!!

ef103673, 2010-02-10, 03:31PM CST

I am William G.Shaw and have ordered a Coat Light Grey and ordered it four weeks ago and have not received it yet. I was told that they had back ordered it but then got an e-mail that stated that my order had been sent and so far nothing has arrived. I too had the amount of the purchase taken from my cCredit Card. Whedre is my order?

9c0a1d7c, 2010-05-20, 06:56PM CDT

I received all my order except the free fan that should have been in my order.

Account 0312-998-958

)rder 9395223

33dd892f, 2010-05-29, 05:43PM CDT

I placed an order on 5/10/2010 and it is already 5/29.10. To date all info I can retrieve is, it is OPEN. No other info. Sorry this is not acceptable. Last time I will order if this is the latest mode of their doing business. Not a new customer. CCT

b9425ac4, 2010-05-29, 06:19PM CDT

no order recived as of 04/24/2010

d26fa718, 2010-06-14, 10:34AM CDT

I placed an order with Baband for a pair of boots they wrote me stating my order was $6.00 short, I advised to cancell the order and return funds, you shipped the order anyway, without opening the package it was returned as shipped, when I talked with your employee she stated she would flag the order and have money returned since I advised to cancel when you received the merchandise back. This has been over a month....where is my money.

Vernon E. Birt

4334 Helene Dr

North Charleston, S. C. 29418


e43b30c4, 2010-06-25, 01:43PM CDT

i sent on 6-6-2010 for some fry pans and every time i order something you say that my credit card is master card which i dont have. you people dont knowwhat you doing. the order #1029-742 the account#you have 340-437-219 which is the wrong the new account#5780979551421118 this is last time i every order from you people thank you eugene harrington

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