AOL - AOL - given free trial of AutoAdvantage - cancelled but still charge - got refund but still frustrating experience

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by e2731205

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I am an aol (America Online) consumer. I recently had an ordeal where I had to call AOL to complain about their service. When the call was finished, I was offered a free trial of "AutoAdvantage". A sales person came on the phone to offer me a free trial of AutoAdvantage.

I assumed they were with AOL, since they did NOT say anything to establish they were not and they did NOT ask me for my credit card info, but, informed me that my account would be charged after the trial was over, if I did not cancel. (they never said they were with another company, other than AOL - AutoAdvantage is NOT America Online, but, a partnership company. I excepted the terms. Free trial until February 14th., 2003, but knew I would cancel before the trial was over. On February 11th of 2003, I called and canceled my account with AutoAdvantage. Later on that week I received a notice from my bank saying I had an overdraft. It was strange to me, since I knew I had the funds in my bank. The weekend came and then a second overdraft came, and then another overdraft...a total of three.

I called my bank to see what the deal was and I found an $89.00 deduction from AutoAdvantage on February 11th. That was why I had the overdrafts! AutoAdvantage had taken out the funds even after I had called and canceled...and, before my trial period was up. In about another week, AutoAdvantage did refund me the $89.00 they had unlawfully taken out of my account. But, I still had the overdrafts. I called AutoAdvantage and tried to resolve the issue. They asked me to fax them a copy of my bank statement, to prove it was their error. I did as they asked, they rejected my claim, saying that I had a positive balance before they took the funds out, so they were not responsible for the overdrafts. Naturally, I would have a positive, right their I knew they were never going to follow though with the reimbursement. After 3 calls and talking to a Melika (who told me she was a supervisor) She said she would refund my $78.00 in overdrafts. 3 days passed and I called my refund or direct deposit had been made by AutoAdvantage. I called AutoAdvantage once again and spoke to a woman (I am sure gave me a phony name) and I was told that I was not going to receive my claim. Now, I have to eat the $78.00 in over drafts, as a result of AutoAdvantage going into my bank account unlawfully and removing funds. People need to be made aware that #1 "AutoAdvantage" is NOT an AOL company #2. It's unlawful for a company to give out your credit card information to another company....AOL does this. They swear they will never give out your password, and your security is safe with them....just your credit card is not! Based on my experience, AutoAdvantage takes funds out of peoples bank accounts and holds them for a period of two to three weeks and only after they have had your money for a few weeks, will you get it back (maybe) $89.00 may not be much by way of one single person...but, imagine if they are doing this to 1000's of people. The interest may only be at 3% now....but, multiply $89.00 by 15,000 and I am sure you'll see the "Advantage" of taking people out of their meager $89.00!!! I will enjoy watching AutoAdvantage go down the tubes (because, I have already seen many, many complaints about them)


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