AOL - Dell Computer - gave AOL credit card number - resulted in unwanted services and charges - ongoing hassle with AOL

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by e41f8a71

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I need someone's help. I purchased a dell desk top last August. It came with 6 months free AOL. When I signed up I gave my checking account number. In February every time I turned on my computer there was a pop up to continue service I would need to sign up. So I. Gave AOL my credit card number! BIG MISTAKE!!!I had forgotten that I had already gave them my checking account number.

Well, I got my bill for February.There was 3 charges of 23.80 and a credit alert charge for 79.99. There was also 2 withdrawals from my checking account for 28.80.I called and spoke to 2 different people. The first lady told me basically that I had to pay for these charges and that I could cancel my services if I wanted too. I tried to explain to her that it didn't make any sense to be charged 5 times for AOL services for one month. She then told me that 4 account spun off of my master account I told her that I didn't ever agree to have them spun off. She said there was a pop up that came on and I agreed to these charges.

I told her that it was possible that my 8 year old son agreed to this. I asked this girl well you don't send a confirm notice.I would have never ever agreed to pay something extra when I can have 6 other people a screen name for free.Anyways This girl said Anyway what is a 8 year old doing on the computer. That's why we have parental control.

First of all until I downloaded 8.0 I didn't know anything about parental control and second I thought it was a good thing that my son can get on the computer and type and do more than I can.She then hung up on me. Well, then I got right back on the phone and called someone from credit alert and let some guy really have it. He was a little understanding and did say he would refund my moneys. But he continue to try to sale this to me I had to shout out no I don't want this.

I never wanted it and there is nothing that you can say to make me want it.I was refunded 59.99 still a loss of 20.00. Today I got my credit card bill once again 2 charges of 23.80 and a 79.99 charge for something called AOL market.I told the guy I never wanted anything like this he said oh yeah we talked to you in September and we sent this booklet and 25.00 good as cash.

I told him very calmly that no i never told any body that I wanted this nor did i receive any thing in the mail I don't have money or a password and no I don't want this whatever you have charged me for.I am so angry at AOL. These poor people in customer services has to take all this abuse for a company that overcharges and charges for stuff that you don't want.I hope they are paid good. If anyone knows of someone that can help me. Please let me know!!!SICK OF BEING OVER CHARGED!!!


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