AOL - AOL Broadband - terrible experience setting up new service - poor customer support experience

Posted on Saturday, March 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by c9137018

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I am writing on behalf of a relative who recently has had the worst customer support i have ever heard of from AOL. They recently subscribed to AOL's broadband service, after nearly two weeks the installation pack was recieeved. After connecting all of the equipment and installing the software the broadband was working. The next day it wasn't connecting and the fault looked like one with the line as the corresponding light was not lit. So a call to AOL support was placed upon which they suggested uninstall all of the broadband software and drivers, re-install an try again, no different.

The next day another call was made this time they suggested going onto the Internet using dial-up and AOL 6 and using the pay-as-you go number also she should by another DSL filter and place on the sky box as this probably would fix it which she did. no change!. This was not done at the time because she wasn't able to connect to the service, so another call was placed.

This time somebody else answered and she couldn't be connected to the same person, this person then decided that the fault was with the line and they would contact BT and the results would be back in two days. After telling me this I couldn't believe this the next day she phoned again, didn't get transferred and this person all said the line was the problem he would contact BT and the computer should be left on for three days. After three days still nothing and i decided to go over and try. I reinstalled and still nothing i swapped filters, nothing. I then decided to connect to the AOL 6 and download new drivers on PAYG as suggested.

Upon connecting their were three emails basically saying the same as what the operators had said with the message on the bottom saying you can not reply to this email please contact support for more help. After uninstalling and re-installing the new drivers nothing had changed, she then phoned AOL again after i had left. By now nearly a week after the error we had got nowhere, but had spent more money on internet calls and a new DSL filter.

The customer support person this time listened to the problem again and said that we was wrong to connect to the internet through dial-up, we commented how was we meant to get the drivers as instructed. Then they he said we were meant to reply to the emails that were sent. Interesting as they said do not reply and a minute earlier he said we shouldn't connect to their Internet so how was we meant to read and reply to them. He then suggested to uninstall everything from the computer and leave it with just the OS which she did, low and behold still nothing.

She has now decided that she is going to cancel the broadband and join with Telewest as recommended by me. I could not believe that they suggested wiping the computer even though others had said the problem was with the line not the computer.


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