2001 Volkswagon Jetta TDI - 2001 Volkswagon Jetta TDI - fixed 3 times for windows not going up - very frustrated with car and service received

Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 9e6a01ee

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I have bought a 2001 Jetta TDI back in March of 2001. I was very excited about buying a Volkswagen for their dependability and the safety of my family. I bought the car brand new, trading in my old car. I knew buying a

new car was expensive, so I was willing to make that sacrifice for payments, rather than putting a lot of money in my old car. The salesman was very nice, and I am a loyal customer to company's when they treat me fairly. I find out the hard way though how much Volkswagen warranties are a big joke. I bought my car with Ten years or One Hundred Thousand mile warranty, but the real catcher is that the Bumper to Bumper is only 2 years or Twenty-four Thousand miles. The truth is that you do more driving than that in a year or a little over a year, and of course, nothing brakes down till the warranty is expired. I ran into the problem of my windows would go down, and not go back up on more than 6 occasions. I counted this, cause I had to go to the dealers to get them fixed every 3 months for the first 18 months of buying the new Jetta. I was not Very Happy, needless to say.

I was able to get this fixed for free, after I had to call the Corporate Office numerous times to complain about it. The dealer wanted to charge me after the Third time this happened. Brand new Jetta and this goes wrong right, there is more, Now my Air Condition Compressor blows out and my Jetta is only 2 years old and of course

it isn't under the warranty of 2 years or Twenty-four thousand miles, so the dealer is not going to pay for this.

The dealer tells me it is going to cost an average of Twelve Hundred Dollars. My Jetta is 2 Years old, making

payments of over Four Hundred Dollars, and now the Dealer wants me to pay Twelve Hundred Dollars to fix my air. I bought a new car so I don't have major car problems for at least Four years. Wear and Tear is one thing, but come on. I called the Corporate Headquarters to fight this and explain the situation, and not only do I get the run around, but a rude customer representative (VERN) that said No, and I have to pay to get my Air fixed out of my pocket. I brought my car in and the Parts Service (NATE) tells me that the Compressor never goes out, and so did the Parts manager, but my does. The Parts service(Nate), tells me I shouldn't drive my car, for something can

fall off, and I will be stuck on the side of a highway, or better yet, cause an accident; The car will stall and shut down completely to do more damage to the car. I believed him, what do I know.

I had to leave the car their over the weekend till a mechanic can come in to check the car. My only choice is to rent a car for I only have one car. So I did, and Nate gave me a deal (if you want to say that) on the rent a car.

(Enterprise) I was told from this gentleman that rented me the car I didn't have to pay now, and that when we find out what is wrong with the car and if it was under warranty that Volkswagen was going to cover the bill.

I figured okay, maybe their is more damage to the then Iwhat is telling me.

I left with that assumption. I felt with my Jettta, I would be in danger, so I thought the way to go is a rent a car. I had to have a credit card (DEBIT Card for me) supposedly their is no charge;, till we find out on Monday what

is wrong with the car. OKAY

I went home Friday night and the charge was on hold in my account. Monday I find out that Enterprise charged my account for the weekend, and wiped out my account completely. I have to pay over the balance fees of Twenty-five dollars. I did received a call from Volkswagen, (NATE) telling me that it will cost only Eight Hundred Dollars to get my car fixed, besides the rent a car that already whipped out my account. The funny thing is that Nate was happy cause he quoted me more than what it really is. I want to Know: Why are we paying for new car prices,(10,000-30,000$) and getting crappie service from the Dealership all the way up to Corporate Headquarters? What is service anymore these days?

Why buy a new car? The average American pays for a loan, and usually a 3-5 year loan, so they have no worries of breaking down or paying a lot of money to get their car fixed for major parts. What is Service to Volkswagen Company, and the Corporate HeadQuarters? I will never buy a Volkswagen Car again, and if any one askes me about my car I will tell them the truth.

Answer will be :

Don't spend your hard earn money that you worked for on a car that will only give you headaches and frustration.

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36b8134e, 2009-11-24, 12:47PM CST

I too agree with you. However, my vw passast doesn't even have 70,000 miles on it and I am told by the dealership that I have many problems with the engine. The check engine light still stays on even after they repaired it. They replaced ignition and emission recall items and replaced small parts on the engine. They fixed th sludge problem and they are telling me I also need a transmission. I refuse too put anymore money into the vw and I will never by another oner!

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